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Difference between Adding vs. Transferring to Another Job

Transferring to Another Job

You can transfer an applicant from one role to another by clicking on the "Add, Transfer or Remove Candidate’s Jobs" at the right side panel of the candidate's profile.



Typically this is only recommended if the candidate was placed in the wrong job by mistake. This is because transferring a candidate to a different job will effectively move all scorecard data to the new job and be renamed as such.


 See here to understand what information will be passed along and what information will not:



Adding to Another Job 

If you believe the candidate is simply unfit for the current role and you think they may be a better fit for another role OR you believe that they should go through another job's pipeline alongside the current one, you may want to choose to "Add to Another Job" . This would essentially create a separate application for the new job so that your team may retain all historical data on the old job and they can move the candidate along the pipeline in the new job and the older job. 




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