I am a Site Admin. Why am I unable to access certain candidates or data?

The Site Admin user permission level has the highest level of access, with the ability to make changes that impact your entire company's Greenhouse Recruiting configuration. However, even Site Admin users do not automatically have access to all data in Greenhouse Recruiting. 

Each user permission level (Basic, Job Admin, and Site Admin) includes its own unique set of user-specific permissions that can be granted to users assigned to that permission level. User-specific permissions allow users to perform additional tasks that fall beyond their blanket permission level (that is, Basic, Job Admin, Site Admin). To learn more about user-specific permissions, please see the following article: User-Specific Permissions Overview

The user-specific permissions in the image below can be assigned to any user who is a Site Admin: 


If you are unable to access certain candidates, you might not have the user-specific permission Can create and view private candidates. If you are unable to view certain data on candidate profiles, such as the Private tab, you might not have the user-specific permission Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approval, and approve jobs/offers

To learn how to check your own user permissions to confirm which user-specific permissions currently are assigned to your user account, please see the following article: View Permissions on Personal User Account

Note: It is not possible to edit your own user-specific permissions. If you need to have your user-specific permissions edited, please reach out to your In-House Contacts for assistance