Send a candidate’s interview schedule to interviewers

While interviewers can see a candidate's interview schedule in their interview kit, you may also want to send the schedule to interviewers via email. You can do this by creating a new email template that uses the token {{INTERVIEW_SCHEDULE}}.

Create an email template using the {{INTERVIEW_SCHEDULE}} token

First, create the template. When choosing the template’s Type, select Team Email.

Create an email template page, with an orange box highlighting the option Team Email in the Type dropdown

In the Template Body, add the token {{INTERVIEW_SCHEDULE}}, along with any other text you want to be included.

Click Save.

Body of the email template with some sample text included. An orange box is highlighting the token {{INTERVIEW_SCHEDULE}}

When you use the template in an email to the hiring team, the candidate's interview schedule will appear in the body of the email, along with any other text you provided when creating the template.

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