I would like to send the interview schedule to interviewers. How can I achieve this?

Currently, the {{Interview_Schedule}} token is not available on the 'Interviewer Invite' template. This is because the 'Interviewer Invite' is intended for use when you are scheduling interviews for interviewers. As you are still in the process of scheduling these interviews, there is not yet data about the interview schedule to pull in for the token. This is because you haven't completed the interview schedule yet.

However, please note that the candidate's full interview schedule can be viewed in each interviewer's interview kit url.  When an interviewer clicks into the interview kit url, his schedule will appear on the right side.  This schedule will update in real time if any additional interviews are schedule or any adjustments are made.

If you would instead prefer to send an email of the full interview schedule to Interviewers, as a workaround your team could create a 'Team Email' template that you can send after the interview schedule is completely set. You can then include the {{Interview_Schedule}} token within this 'Team Email' template so that you can utilize this after fully scheduling all interviews for a candidate.  




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