Why am I unable to view private or hired candidates?

Only users with the permission Can create and view private candidates/prospects can access a candidate profile marked as private. To limit user access to sensitive data, many organizations mark candidate profiles as private once those candidates are hired. 

If you need to access private candidate profiles and are unable to do so, reach out to your In-House Contacts for assistance editing your user permissions. The permissionds adjustment required will depend on your user type: 

  • Site Admins: A Site Admin user will require the user-specific permission Can create and view private candidates to be assigned to them. Please note this will give the user access to view all private candidates on all jobs in your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting instance. For guidance on how to assign this user-specific permission to a Site Admin, please see the following Help Center article: Add User-Specific Permissions
  • Job Admins: A Job Admin user must be assigned to the candidate's job with a Job Admin level which includes the permission stripe Can create and view private candidates. Please note this will give the user access to view all candidates marked as private on that job.