If you encounter the message Sorry, but we ran into an error loading this page when attempting to schedule interviews using the Google Calendar integration, it is possible your Google authentication with Greenhouse Recruiting has expired.


As a first troubleshooting step, we recommend you refresh your Google credentials by disconnecting and reconnecting the Google Calendar integration. To begin, click the Ellipsis icon Ellipsis.png in the navigation bar, then click Integrations


On the Integrations and Partners page, locate the Manage Integrations section and click the Google Calendar tile. 


In the subsequent dialog box, click the Disconnect button. 


You will see a notification at the top of the page confirming your Google account has been disconnected from Greenhouse Recruiting. Click the Connect button to reauthorize the Google Calendar integration 


You will be redirected to a Google-hosted authentication page. Enter your Google account credentials. Click the Next button after providing the requested details.

Note: Be sure to provide the Google credentials associated with the calendar where you schedule. 


Click Allow to confirm your intent to connect Greenhouse Recruiting with your Google account.


You will be redirected back to Greenhouse Recruiting. Click the at the top right of the Google Calendar dialog box, then return to your candidate and attempt to schedule once more.