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Why am I unable to search for or view some candidates?

If you are a Job Admin / Interviewer user, you can see only candidates who are on jobs where you have been assigned permissions. If you attempt to search for a candidate who is on a job where you have not been assigned permissions, you will not see the candidate returned in your search results. 

  • Job Admin: For jobs where you are added as a Job Admin, you will be able to see candidates on jobs with any status (Open, Draft, Closed).  
  • Interviewer: For jobs where you are added as an Interviewer, you will be able to view candidates only on jobs that currently have a job status of Open.  

If your team has not granted you permissions on any specific jobs, you will be unable to view any candidates in Greenhouse Recruiting. To resolve this, please reach out to your internal team to request they grant you permissions on the appropriate jobs. If you are unsure which user to contact on your internal team, please see the following Help Center article: View Primary In-House Contacts