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Unable to see some candidates in Greenhouse

With Job Admin/ Interviewer permission, you are only able to see candidates for jobs where you have been added to the Hiring Team.  

  • Job Admin: For jobs where you are added as a Job Admin, you will be able to see candidates for jobs with any status (Open, Draft, Closed).  
  • Interviewer: For jobs where you are added as an Interviewer, you will only be able to view candidates for jobs that currently have a job status of Open.  

If your team has not yet added you to the Hiring Team of any specific jobs, you will be unable to view any candidates in Greenhouse.  To resolve this, you will need to reach out to your team so they can add you to the Hiring Team of the appropriate jobs.




Applies-To: [Users with Job Admin/ Interviewer permission in Greenhouse.]
Keywords: [Viewing candidates, Unable to see candidates]