In Greenhouse Recruiting, users of all permission levels can be scheduled to interview candidates moving throughout your interview pipeline.

Unlike scheduling, however, access and visibility into the candidate profile for interviewed candidates is determined by the permission level assigned to your interviewers. 

For example, scheduling an interview for a user with Job Admin or Site Admin permissions will grant them access to their assigned scorecard, the interviewed candidate's profile, as well as, different points of access within the profile based on the job-based permissions allowed by their permission level.

Scheduling an interview for a user with Basic permissions will grant them access to the following information for the candidate where they are scheduled:

  • Public contact information
  • Attachments (resume and cover letter)
  • Assigned scorecard

Basic users will not have access to attachments marked Admin Only or Private.

Note: A candidate's profile in Greenhouse Recruiting houses each individual application a candidate has submitted across your posted jobs.

If access and visibility to candidate applications stored within an interviewed candidate profile differs across your assigned jobs, check your job-based permissions to determine expected visibility settings. 

If your organization allows interviewers without job-based permissions to see other users' completed scorecard (either Always or After submitting their own), a link will appear on the right side of the interview kit and completed scorecard.

If applicable, click View Scorecards to see previously submitted scorecards.

This link will allow interviewers without job-based permissions to click into and view other scorecards without accessing the candidate's profile.

Note: Basic users will not be able to access the candidate's profile to view scorecards or access the full list of candidates on the job. To learn more on adjusting scorecard visibility settings for users without job-based permissions, click here.