Encountering an error with the Docusign integration

If you are encountering an error when attempting to send an offer via Docusign, the first step to troubleshooting this error would be to refresh the integration. To do so, you would navigate to the Integrations tab > Locate Docusign > Disconnect > Connect again.

If this does not help, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team on chat or through email at support@greenhouse.io with the name of the candidate so that we may look further into this. 


If you are encountering an error when you are trying to send an offer letter through Docusign, I would advise taking the recommended steps above. 


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    Kyle Drohan


    I am also having this problem and getting an "Error sending with Docusign" message when I attempt to Preview the Document on Docusign.
    How can I fix this?