Common Greenhouse definitions

Interview Kit Link: The interview kit link allows interviewers to access the scorecard from their calendar invite. When a valid interview kit is included in an external calendar invite (and your organization's Greenhouse scheduling email address is added as a guest) the interview will map to the correct candidate profile and correct interview. If a user needs to be sent the interview kit link, you can generate it from the candidate profile. Hover over the name of the interview>click on the small square icon that appears>click on this icon and you will be taken to the interview kit. The URL of this page can be sent to interviewer for accessing the scorecard and can be used in the Details section of the calendar invite to update the interview.


Requisition ID vs Opening ID: Each job can have a unique Requisition ID. Additionally, a job can have multiple openings and each opening can have an Opening ID. For example, you have one job open for Customer Support Specialist and you plan to hire three people for this role. The role, Customer Support Specialist, will only have one Req ID, however each openings can have a unique Opening ID. In this case, there is one Req ID and three Opening IDs. Each Opening ID can have it's own unique open and close date:




Permissions vs Hiring Team Role: The permission level in Greenhouse determines what a user is able to view or access in the system. The user's role on the job determines what they are responsible for. A user will need access to a job before they can be assigned a role. A user's permission level can be Basic, Interviewer (per job basis), Job Admin (per job basis), or Site Admin.

Once the user has access to a job, they can be added to a Hiring Team role. These roles are Recruiter, Coordinator, Sourcer, or Hiring Manager. Their role will determine if they responsible for scheduling, hiring manager review, application review, sending scorecard reminders or more.

For example, if you'd like to add a user as a Hiring Manager on a role, they first need to be added to the role as a Job Admin or be a Site Admin. 


Private Fields vs Private Candidate: Within Greenhouse certain fields, like salary, can be made private. Alternatively, an entire candidate profile can made private. Each of these privacy settings can be accessed by different permissions.

If you have permission to "Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers", you will be able to view all of the private notes and fields. For Job Admins, this permission can be included in the type of job admin they are, such as Job Admin Private. This permission can be additionally added as a user specific permission to a Site Admin's account. 

The permission of "Can create and view private candidates / prospects" will allow a user to view a candidate who's entire profile has been made private. Job Admins need this permission included in the type of Job Admin that is set up. Site Admins will need the permission additionally added to their account as a user specific permission.