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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

In Greenhouse Onboarding, you can assign onboarding plans to new hires based on their department and filter your organization's list of pending hires by department.

To accomplish this, the Department field in Greenhouse Onboarding should be mapped to the Department field in Greenhouse Recruiting. However, Greenhouse Recruiting allows for multiple tiered departments, which is not available in Greenhouse Onboarding. This can impact department mapping between both systems and potentially create unwanted duplicate departments.

Instead, create a custom offer field or custom job field to map departments between Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding.

Create a custom field in Greenhouse Recruiting

Navigate to Configure Custom Options in your Greenhouse Recruiting account.

Select Jobs or Offers under Company Custom Fields. Click Add Field to create a new custom offer field or custom job field.

Make sure to include the following details when creating your custom field:

  • Enter a unique Field Name, such as HRIS Department or Onboarding Department, to help you identify your custom field later.
  • Select the Single select Field Type and enter each of your organization's departments in the Options field.
  • Check the Required box.


When you're done, click Save to create your custom field.

Map your custom department field in Greenhouse Onboarding

Now that you've created a custom offer field or custom job field in Greenhouse Recruiting, you can successfully map this field to the Department field in Greenhouse Onboarding.

In Greenhouse Onboarding, navigate to Settings Company Info Fields. Select Department under Basic Information.


On the Edit Field page, select your custom field from the Greenhouse Recruiting Field dropdown. Check the Required for new hires and/or managers box.

Click Save when you're finished.


Your departments will now successfully map between Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding.