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Greenhouse Recruiting

Introducing Goals

Goals are a structured way to set, track, and measure performance against your hiring objectives. Set individual, department, or company goals to promote tighter team collaboration and drive more predictable outcomes. You can also combine goals with Greenhouse Recruiting's essential reports to routinely evaluate your hiring processes.


Deprecated Harvest API endpoint

We've deprecated the v1 endpoint for DELETE: Destroy Openings as outlined in our October 7, 2022 Release Notes. Partners not using the v2 endpoint should update their integrations to avoid issues. Read more here.

BI Connector

Improvements to analytics

We're making updates to the BI Connector schema on November 16, 2022. These updates impact the interviews and stages tables.


  • Other integrations: Eqtble aggregates data from a variety of HR systems into one spot to create detailed dashboards and reports you can share with your team.

Bug fixes

  • Users experienced an error when accessing profiles in Greenhouse Onboarding.
  • Scorecards weren't viewable in the Greenhouse Recruiting mobile app.
  • The free text custom field was slow to respond when typing in Offer details.