Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date with what's new at Greenhouse by following our release notes.

Greenhouse Recruiting

New and improved scorecard rating icons

We've redesigned our scorecard rating icons to create a more inclusive experience for interviewers. Our updated icons include new focus, hover and selected states that better account for users' accessibility needs in order to indicate an icon's state more clearly.




Updated Harvest API endpoint

We've updated DELETE: Destroy Openings to a v2 endpoint. The v1 endpoint will be deprecated on November 18, 2022. Users and partners should switch over to the v2 endpoint as soon as possible to avoid issues with your integration. Learn more here.


  • Candidate sourcing: ContactOut enables you to reach candidates immediately via their email or phone.
  • Optimization: Agora makes it easy to create interactive, exciting offer letters to help your candidates understand their total compensation including salary, equity, benefits, and bonuses.
  • Optimization: Pave is a SaaS platform that allows you to plan, communicate, and benchmark your compensation in real-time, saving you time and improving the employee experience.
  • Optimization: Process Street is a process management platform that helps teams share their core processes, then transform them into powerful no-code workflows.

Bug fixes

  • The date picker was toggling back and forth between dates when trying to schedule interviews
  • Users were missing first and last names when being uploaded via .csv
  • Users couldn't select themselves as the Prospect Owner for Sourcing Automation campaigns
  • Tokens weren't populating in InMail campaign subjects
  • InMail campaigns weren't loading prospects on the second page