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Greenhouse Recruiting

Turn off U.S. Standard Demographic Questions

You can now use a toggle to deactivate or re-enable our U.S. standard demographic question set. Learn more


  • Candidate testing: Byteboard is an Area 120-funded startup recreating the technical interview experience to be more effective, efficient, and equitable for all. The aim of the Byteboard interview is to help companies reduce the time they spend in conducting technical interviews while getting a much stronger signal of how a candidate may perform on the job if hired.
  • Other integrations: HireHunch is an Interview as a Service company by providing you with world-class video interviewing and a coding platform that's intuitive and simple. HireHunch empowers talent acquisition teams to schedule interviews around the clock, helping to drive efficiency and seamless collaboration with hiring leaders across multiple teams. 

Bug fixes

  • The candidate hired webhook didn't include confidential job fields.
  • After removing custom questions that require attachments, job posts still wouldn't send from Greenhouse Recruiting to Indeed Apply.
  • Documents uploaded to Greenhouse Onboarding through the API didn't include information regarding the content type.
  • During the email candidate workflow, the Choose Files button disappeared after selecting an email template.
  • Newly created users with basic permissions weren't showing up on the All Users list.
  • The updated_at field wouldn't update after adding an interviewer to a scheduled interview using the PATCH: Update Scheduled Interviewendpoint