Permissions: Site Admins, and Job Admins who can create new jobs

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Note: Job insights is currently running as an open beta. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to provide feedback on this feature!

Balance expectations with insights

Job insights offer valuable data from your organization's existing jobs to help you set clear expectations when creating new jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting. You can quickly see how many applications to expect, how long it might take to reach an initial candidate offer, and which sources might produce the best candidates.

Use job insights to set a new job’s hiring team, craft expectations for operations and finance teams, and invest in the best sourcing strategies for your job.

Feature highlights

Leverage insights to set clear expectations for new jobs

Knowing how much time you might need to invest in sourcing and interviewing applicants for a new job can help you set individual and team goals. You can use job insights like total applicants to set expectations for the number of candidates to add per week, or you can use offers created insights to inform your operations team of how long it might take before an offer is made.

Invest in the best sourcing strategies

Determine which sourcing strategy works best for you and your organization. Job insights offer visualizations that show which sources produced the most candidates and the most hires for a similar job. Use job insights to invest in the most relevant job ad markets, third-party job boards, and marketing campaigns to produce the strongest pool of applicants.

Enable job insights

To enable job insights, navigate to Configure > Custom Options, then select Configure Job Setup Flow.

Check the Job insights box.

Click Save.

Job insights will appear to all users who create new jobs at your organization.

Use job insights

After enabling job insights, you can use them any time you create a new job.


Appearing on the new job setup flow, the job insights step will show widgets that include benchmarking information for your new job like the number of applications you could expect, the top sources, pipeline history, and more.

Note: Job insights will appear blank if your organization doesn’t have existing jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting.

To change your benchmark job, click the Benchmark job dropdown and select any of your organization’s existing jobs. You can select open, closed, or draft jobs as your benchmark job.

Tip: We recommend selecting a benchmark job based on shared job qualities. For example, if you’re creating a new Customer Success job, you might select a job in your Customer Success department. Selecting a benchmark job by similar function, office, or department can help you better understand how your new job might perform.

Available widgets

Job insights include the following widgets to help you better understand how your new job might perform:

Total applicants

Use the total applicants widget to see how many applicants might apply to your new job, based on the total number of applications for your benchmark job.

Number to reach assessment milestone

Use the number to reach assessment milestone widget to see how many applicants made it past the application review and hiring manager review stages.


Offers created

Use the offers created widget to see the number of candidates who made it to the offer stage and the number who received offers for a similar job.


Hires made

Use the hires made widget to see the number of hires made for a similar job. You'll also see how long it took to source your benchmark job's first hire and move this hire through the pipeline.


Top sources

Use the top sources widget to determine which sources might produce the best applicants for your new job. Sources are listed on the left in descending order by the number of candidates they produced, along with the number of hires per source in parentheses.

Use the donut chart for a visual breakdown of your top sources. Hover over any part of the visualization for more details.

Note: This widget only lists your benchmark job's top ten sources.

Pipeline history

Use the pipeline history widget to see the passthrough rate and the number of candidates who made it through each stage of your benchmark job. Hover over the visualization on the right for more details.