Permissions: Owners, and Coordinators and custom access users who can manage employee documents and signature requests

Product tier: Available for the Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tier

The E-Signature report in Greenhouse Onboarding helps you easily track which documents have been signed by your new hires. Located on the Reports page, this feature allows you to view the status of all required e-signatures in one centralized report.

Note: The E-Signature report is available to Greenhouse Onboarding users only. This report is not available in Greenhouse Welcome.

View E-Signature report

To find your E-Signature report, select Reports in the top navigation bar.


Select View E-Signature report in the Reports panel.


Note: Coordinators in Greenhouse Onboarding need the "Can manage employee documents and signature requests" permission stripe enabled to access the E-Signature report. Owners can manually assign this permission to all Coordinators in Settings.

On the E-Signatures page, you'll find a report with a list of all e-signatures assigned to new hires by your organization.


E-Signature report fields

Field name Field info
Template Name The e-signature template sent to your new hire
Signer The new hire assigned to this e-signature
Signer Start Date The new hire's start date
Counter Signer If required, the assigned counter signer for this e-signature

The status of this new hire's e-signature document:

  • Not Started
  • Being Processed
  • Counter Signing
  • Completed
  • Canceled
  • Provider Error
Assigned At The date this e-signature was assigned to your new hire
Assigned By The user in your organization who assigned this e-signature
Signed At The date your new hire completed this e-signature

Filter e-signatures

You can filter your E-Signature report for increased visibility to quickly find specific e-signature documents. In the Filter by panel, use any of the following filters to narrow your report results:

Note: You can make up to one selection for each filter in the report.


Click Reset Filters to clear your filter selections and see the entire list of assigned e-signatures for your new hires.


Filter by signer

To filter e-signatures by new hire, click the Signer dropdown and select a new hire from the list. The report will automatically display all e-signatures signed or waiting to be signed by this new hire.

Filter by counter signer

To filter e-signatures by their assigned counter signer, click the Counter Signer dropdown and select a counter signer from the list. The report will automatically display all e-signatures signed or waiting to be signed by this counter signer.

Note: Counter signers are not required for all e-signatures. Learn more about requiring counter signers for your e-signature requests.

Filter by status

To filter e-signatures by document status, click the Status dropdown and select one of the available statuses. The report will automatically display all e-signatures with that status.

Filter by template name

To filter e-signatures by document template, click the Template Name dropdown and select a template from the list. The report will automatically display all assigned e-signature requests using that document template.

Export e-signatures

Export your E-Signature report data to a downloadable CSV file to improve efficiency and keep a record of your current e-signature completion rates.

To export your E-Signature report, click Bulk Select.


Select the checkbox next to each e-signature you'd like to export. You can also click the checkbox in the report's top left corner to select all available e-signature data.

Click Export to CSV. Next, you'll be asked to Confirm your export. 


Once your exported file is complete, click Download to download your E-Signature report.