Permissions: Job Admin and above with CRM access, a Sourcing Automation seat, and LinkedIn RSC

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

With LinkedIn RSC enabled, you can add LinkedIn InMail steps to a campaign pool.

For both email steps and LinkedIn InMail steps, each step equates to one message. While you can add as many steps as you like, it is recommended to have at least three, but no more than four steps in your campaign pool for optimal results.

Note: Campaign pool steps set to use LinkedIn InMail do not send automatically. Each step using LinkedIn InMail will create a task in the Tasks tab to remind you when it's time to send these steps manually.

Create a LinkedIn InMail campaign pool step

From your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard, click the CRM My active campaign pools and click See all.

Click to open an existing campaign pool or create a new campaign pool.

In your campaign pool, navigate to the Steps tab, then click Add step.

New campaign pool opened in Sourcing Automation with the Steps tab and add step button highlighted

Next, set a wait time for your step.

Note: Campaign pool steps using LinkedIn InMail do not send automatically. When a step's wait time has passed, Sourcing Automation will create a task reminding you to send this step manually.

If your LinkedIn InMail step is the first step in your campaign pool, set the wait time to 0 days. This will remind you to send the message after 10 minutes of either launching the pool or adding prospects to an active pool.

If your LinkedIn InMail step is not the first step in your campaign pool, set the wait time at a value above 0.

Create new campaign pool step page with wait time field set to zero days and highlighted

From the Action dropdown menu, select Send LinkedIn InMail.

Note: This selection can't be changed once you've saved and launched this step.

Action field in new campaign pool step set to Send LinkedIn InMail and highlighted

Add and review copy for a LinkedIn InMail step

Next, create the content for your LinkedIn InMail step.

Add InMail copy with an email template

Select a template from the Template dropdown menu if you'd like to use one of your existing email templates in this campaign step.

Note: LinkedIn InMail steps support plain text only. Any rich text formatting used in your email template will be removed.

Add InMail copy manually

You can also write your step's subject line and message content manually.

Use the Subject field to give your InMail message a subject line.

Type or paste your message's body content into the field below your subject line.

Use the Insert token dropdown to add default tokens or custom candidate tokens to your subject line and email body. Once your InMail step is sent, these tokens automatically fill in personalized information tied to each individual prospect.

New campaign pool LinkedIn InMail step subject line and message body copy fields filled out

As you compose your InMail message, the Sourcing Automation email coach will offer suggestions to help you improve your message delivery and avoid spam filters.

Email coach suggestions are highlighted under the message field. Click View to see suggestions.

Email coach suggestion box highlighted underneath the subject and message fields when creating new InMail campaign step

Any suggestions with a red X require your attention. Once you've reviewed these suggestions, click Done to return to your email and make any suggested changes.

Email coach suggestions window with email suggestion highlighted

Note: While email coach suggestions are highly recommended, they are not required. You can save and send LinkedIn InMail steps even if you don't incorporate suggestions.

Save and send a LinkedIn InMail step

Click Save changes when you're done with this LinkedIn InMail step and need to create additional steps in a new campaign pool.

Click Save & launch if you're adding this step to an existing campaign pool.

Save changes and save and launch buttons highlighted when creating new InMail campaign pool step

Unlike other email steps in campaign pools, LinkedIn InMail steps do not send automatically. When it's time to send your LinkedIn InMail message to prospects, a new task will appear in your campaign pool's Tasks tab to remind you to manually send this message.

Learn how to send your LinkedIn InMail messages within Greenhouse Sourcing Automation.

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