Assign a counter signer for E-Signatures

Permissions: Owners, Coordinators, and users with custom access to manage E-Signatures

Product tier: Available for the Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tier

You can assign another employee within your organization as a counter signer for E-Signature requests sent to new hires.

Note: E-Signatures are available to the Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tier only. Learn more about the differences between Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Welcome.

Create an E-Signature template and add a counter signer

First, configure a new E-Signature template to include a counter signer.

Note: Existing E-Signature templates that don't include the option for a counter signer cannot be given one retroactively.

When creating an E-Signature template in Settings, mark the checkbox Requires counter signer? to add a counter signer.

Use the Who should counter sign on this? dropdown to select a counter signer for this E-Signature document. You can select specific users by name or assign a counter signer by role, such as Manager or Onboarding Coordinator.

Create E-Signature template dialog box with counter signer checkbox marked and Onboarding Coordinator selected as counter signer

Continue setting up your E-Signature template as needed, then click Save.

Reassign a counter signer

You can reassign an E-Signature template's counter signer when:

  • You request a new E-Signature from a new hire
  • You edit an existing E-Signature request that includes a counter signer

Note: Only Owners and Coordinators can reassign counter signers for existing E-Signature requests.

Use the search bar on your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage to locate and open a new hire's employee profile.

In the employee's profile, navigate to Documents.

Employee profile in Greenhouse Onboarding with Documents tab opened and highlighted

Request a new E-Signature and update the counter signer

Click Request Signature.

Employee profile documents tab with Request Signature button highlighted

Use the Select Documents field to select one of your E-Signature templates.

The Counter Signer dropdown will appear and automatically display the counter signer configured for this template in Settings. Use the dropdown to select a new counter signer.

Counter signer field highlighted in Request Signature dialog box in employee profile

Click Request Signatures to save your changes and send the signature request.

Edit an existing E-Signature's counter signer

Click the ellipsis next to any existing E-Signature request that is still incomplete.

Select Edit Counter Signer from the dropdown.

Edit counter signer option highlighted for currently assigned new hire E-Signature

In the Reassign Counter Signer dialog box, use the dropdown to select a new counter signer.

Click Update Counter Signer to save your changes.

Reassign counter signer dialog box for existing E-Signature in employee profile

View assigned counter signers in the E-Signature report

You can review all assigned counter signers for your E-Signature documents at any time with the E-Signature report.

Navigate to Reports, then select View E-Signature report.

View E-Signature report button

Check the report's Counter Signer column to see the assigned counter signer for each E-Signature.

Counter signer column in E-Signature report

You can also use the report's Counter Signer filter to locate E-Signatures assigned to a specific counter signer quickly.

Counter signer filter in E-Signature report

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