Install the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension

Permissions: Job Admin and above who can manage CRM and prospects

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension is a browser plugin that allows your organization to add prospects to your Greenhouse CRM from a website, resume, or manually through the plugin without leaving your current workflow. 

Install the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension

Using your Chrome internet browser, click here to access the extension in the Chrome Web Store. 

From the Web Store, click Add to Chrome

Screenshot of the add to chrome install button.

Review the data permissions, then click Add extension

Screenshot of the add extension confirmation box.

Once installed, a Greenhouse icon Screenshot of the greenhouse recruiting extension icon. appears in the Chrome Extension panel with a message box confirming the installation was successful. 

Screenshot of the installation success confirmation box.

Pin the extension to your navigation bar for easy access. Click the Chrome Extension icon Screenshot of the chrome extension icon.  and select the Pin inline with the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension. 

Screenshot of the extension panel.

Sign in using your Greenhouse Recruiting credentials

When you click the Greenhouse icon Screenshot of the greenhouse recruiting extension icon.  from your navigation bar in Chrome, the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension opens next to the Chrome window. 

Click Sign in to Greenhouse Recruiting from within the extension.

Screenshot of the sign in to greenhouse recruiting button.

A new tab opens on the Greenhouse Recruiting login page. Use your Greenhouse Recruiting credentials to sign in. 

Screenshot of the Greenhouse Recruiting sign in page.

Once signed in, the page redirects to your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard and the extension is now ready to use. 

Screenshot of the greenhouse recruiting dashboard and extension.

Note: Refer to the troubleshooting guide if you're having trouble logging into Greenhouse Recruiting within the extension. 

Troubleshooting guide

Unable to log in

The extension may be connected to the wrong web domain if it won't sign into Greenhouse Recruiting.

Note: The web domain is located in your Greenhouse Recruiting URL and is formatted as app[#], or [custom] if your organization uses a unique domain name. 
Greenhouse recruiting url in the address bar.

Follow these steps to connect to the correct web domain:

  1. Log into Greenhouse Recruiting from your web browser
  2. Click Having trouble signing in? within the extension
  3. Use the Domain dropdown to select the web domain that matches your Greenhouse Recruiting URL
  4. Click Save

The extension is now logged in and you're ready to start sourcing!  

Additional resources

Use the following resources to learn how to find and add prospects to CRM using the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension: