How do I track the application source from third-party job boards?

Permissions: Site Admins, Job Admins who can manage company metadata

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

This article covers the sequential steps needed to track the application source for candidates when using third-party job boards. 

Note: If your application form is hosted on a different URL from your job board, first confirm that the Job Post URL has been set up correctly. You can read more about setting up Job Post URLs here.

Use source tokens to track the application source

Step Description Article
1 Create a custom source for the third-party job board  Add custom source
2 Generate a tracking link for your Greenhouse job board Create a tracking link for a job board
3 Use the source token within the tracking link to track the candidate's source Tracking a candidate's source

Additional assistance

Refer to the Troubleshooting missing sources section of the article, Tracking a candidate's source, for additional assistance.