Permissions: Job Admin and above with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation seat 

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

Contact lookups occur within the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension and directly within Greenhouse Recruiting when a prospect is added to a campaign pool without an email address. Our lookup process uses state-of-the-art algorithms and multiple third-party data sources to locate accurate emails and phone numbers for your prospects. 

This article outlines how lookup credits work in action.

How lookup credits work

Lookup credit allocation

Each Sourcing Automation seat comes with 2000 lookup credits per year. Once granted, your organization's total number of credits is shared amongst all users with a seat. 

For example, an organization with five seats is granted 10,000 lookup credits that are shared across all seat users.

Details about your organization's lookup credits such as the renewal date, how many have been used, and how many remain are available in your account settings

When a lookup credit is used

A lookup is performed if an email address is not included when adding a prospect to a campaign pool and/or the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension. If an email address is found, then a lookup credit is used.

One lookup equals one credit. 

While performing an email lookup, the extension may also return a phone number from our data sources if one is available. Phone number lookups function as followed:

  • Only occurs when an email is found through LinkedIn. There's no functionality to do a separate phone number lookup or find a phone number through other sites
  • Only one lookup credit is charged if both an email address and phone number are found
  • The lookup may return a prospect's personal number or work number, but the extension doesn't identify the contact type

When a lookup credit isn't used

A lookup credit doesn't count toward your limit in the following instances:

  • The extension cannot find an email
  • The email is marked as invalid in the campaign pool. The lookup credit is automatically refunded to your account
  • The lookup setting for the extension is set to None - use only what's available on the page 
  • An email address is identified on a prospect's web profile that matches the current email lookup preference
  • An email address is found in an existing campaign pool that matches the current email lookup preference
Note: This information is based on email lookups since phone number lookups only occur when locating an email through LinkedIn, and are treated as one credit. 

Lookup best practices

  • Ensure the lookup priority is configured in your account settings. This determines whether a work email, personal email, or no email is found for the prospect
  • A prospect's first name, last name, and company are required to find an available work email
  • Add a LinkedIn URL to the social media field on the prospect's profile to increase the chances of finding a personal email
Note: GitHub and AngelList only return personal email addresses. The lookup priority must be set to personal or both in order to perform the lookup. 

Purchasing additional lookup credits

Please contact your Greenhouse account manager for assistance. 


Does Greenhouse store contact lookups?

Greenhouse doesn't maintain a database for contact lookups performed by customers. Greenhouse only stores contact information once the prospect is saved in Greenhouse Recruiting. 

The Site Admin can configure the data deletion process for the prospect's contact information. 

Screenshot of the sourcing automation button.

Will I receive a refund if a valid email address is added to the campaign pool, but later bounces?

Since we can’t determine the exact reason for a bounced email address, we’re unable to offer a refund for valid email addresses added to the campaign pool that later bounces.