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Greenhouse Recruiting

Enhancements to the job kickoff form: The job kickoff form now allows for rich text in answers to default questions! Use rich text to add emphasis to your answers with bold, italics, underlining and more.

You can explore using the job kickoff form here: Job kickoff form overview.


We corrected an issue in which user syncs erroneously updated the incorrect Greenhouse Recruiting profile when the HRIS report included an employee ID but no email address. Now HRIS Link will present an error unless an email address is provided that matches an email address in Greenhouse Recruiting.

You can read more on the HRIS Link changelog.


  • Candidate sourcing: The Findem integration turbocharges talent acquisition with AI. Now you can search and source candidates like never before to make amazing hires faster.
  • Candidate testing: The Astronaut integration provides an easy-to-use video interview platform and assessment tool that makes the hiring process fast, accurate, collaborative, and enjoyable for everyone involved.
  • Candidate testing: The TestGorilla integration provides you with the best tools to screen your candidates so you can make better hiring decisions. Predict real-world job performance with their library of 200+ scientifically validated tests.

Bug fixes

We fixed an issue with the date of termination field appearing on the Welcome Experience in Greenhouse Onboarding.

We fixed an issue in which candidates self-scheduling with Outlook 365 in Istanbul time (UTC+3) were being scheduled one hour later than intended.