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BI Connector

BI Connector schema update - December 29, 2021: Organizations with the Business Intelligence Connector can now view their Greenhouse Onboarding data. You can opt-in to receive this data in the additional settings section of the BI Connector setup page.

Greenhouse Onboarding

Updates to "People to Notify" list: A few weeks ago, we introduced a change that automatically selects the Onboarding Coordinator in the People to Notify list when a new hire is added to Greenhouse Onboarding. After hearing your feedback, we've rolled back this change. 


Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where toolbar icons were not appearing in text editors across the application. 
  • Fixed issue where a candidate's name pronunciation recording was not saved if it was submitted through self-scheduling on a mobile device. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Greenhouse icons and fonts weren't displaying on some downloaded versions of interview kits. 
  • Fixed issue where Mailgun was not working for organizations in the EU silo.
  • Fixed an issue where the job boards page was not displaying if your organization had a large number of job boards. 
  • Fixed an issue where some bulk imports were getting stuck and not able to be re-tried. 
  • Improved application performance when copying a single job in an organization with a large number of jobs.
  • Fixed issue where the My Info page wouldn't load if your organization had a large number of jobs.
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't log in with their Google Accounts if the setup contained multiple certificates.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not follow new candidates if they were currently following someone outside of their permission level. 
  • Fixed an issue where the activity feed wouldn't load if the candidate had an extremely large number of notes. 
  • Fixed issue where the Country field in the Job Ad Market wasn't double-checking for a valid country name when purchasing a job ad. 
  • Improved the error message when users aren't able to update an offer in Greenhouse Recruiting.
  • Fixed issue where error messages continued to display when trying to set up a Namely integration. 
  • Fixed issue where users could not complete a task in Greenhouse Onboarding if the task didn't have the required attachments. 
  • Fixed issue where e-signature templates were not being included in the Greenhouse Onboarding Welcome experience when using a filter.