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At Greenhouse, we want to help companies be great at hiring. The hiring software price is based on the size of your company and gives you room to grow as your hiring needs change. 

This article serves as an overview of accounting on Greenhouse and can help to address questions you may have around contracts, billing, or payment terms. 

Greenhouse accounting information

Greenhouse W9

A copy of our W9 is linked as an attachment named Greenhouse - W9 2023 under Downloads on the top-right side of this article.

Greenhouse banking information

A copy of our banking information is linked as an attachment named Greenhouse Payment & Address Information 2023.pdf under Downloads at the top-right side of this article.

Master Service Agreement (MSA)

Please click here for a copy of our Master Service Agreement (MSA).

Contract information

Purchase orders

If a Purchase Order (P.O.) is required for your invoice, please email a copy of the P.O. to within 48 hours of receiving your invoice. Payment terms will not be extended to allow for the generation / addition of a P.O.

Payment terms

Payment terms are listed at the top of your order form and at the top of all invoices. In order to keep your account in good-standing, payments must be made on all invoices within the agreed-upon payment terms.

Per our MSA: "In the event any fees are more than thirty (30) days overdue, Greenhouse may suspend its performance of the Greenhouse Services, and require full payment before Greenhouse resumes performance."

Payment options

We accept the following payment types:

  • Check: Please make checks payable to PO Box 632047, Cincinnati OH 45263-2047. Checks sent to any other address, including our NYC office, will not be received or applied to your account.

  • ACH/Wire: Please be sure to send all payments to our Fifth Third bank account ending in 9419. Do not send payment to our SVB accounts ending in 2083 or 4566 as those are no longer active accounts.

Note: Please see the full account details listed on the bottom of each invoice.

  • Credit Card: We accept credit card payments for invoices under $20,000.00. To pay with a credit card, click Pay Online at the bottom of each invoice. All invoices over $20,000.00 must be paid in full via ACH/Wire.


For more information on how Greenhouse handles taxes and exemption requests, click here

Vendor process

If your organization requires us to complete vendor paperwork or to sign up for a vendor portal, please contact within 48 hours of receiving your invoice. Payment terms will not be extended if this information is not received within this timeframe.

General considerations

  • Greenhouse does not allow for contract changes, cancellations, or pauses of any kind.
  • Be sure to add to your contacts list so that Greenhouse invoices or notifications won't be marked as spam.

Additional resources

If you have additional questions not covered here, please reach out to us at for support.