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Greenhouse Recruiting

Application review changes

We made some key updates to the new version of Application Review based on feedback. We heard you loud and clear, and have worked quickly to ensure the new experience is seamless and efficient.

We've worked on releasing these changes to you this week, so this information may be already in your inbox. If you don't see these changes in your organization, it's coming soon!


These recent changes include:

  • Surfaced more relevant details above the fold and throughout the page
  • Added new candidate identifiers to highlight previously rejected and agency-submitted candidates
  • Added options to leave scorecard feedback directly in the top navigation for quicker access
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for faster scorecard feedback and application navigation
  • Tweaked the rejection workflow to ensure links are clickable

Need a quick refresher on what’s different? Click here for more information.

Candidate timezones

We made some improvements for using a candidate's timezone when scheduling interviews:

  • When a candidate submits a self-schedule request, they'll be asked to choose their timezone. 
  • Interview start times and the interview schedule will now display based on the candidate's timezone.



  • We've updated our endpoints to adhere to the changes Mailgun is releasing on November 1, 2021.
  • We've added support for 1024-bit DKIM keys for email domains in Greenhouse Recruiting. 


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where organizations couldn't make a post on the Job Ad Market if they had previously used and deleted the source. 
  • Fixed an issue where automated job post request emails were not being sent to referrals and candidates submitted through the agency portal.
  • Fixed an issue where attachment thumbnails were appearing as blank when users added a candidate to another job.
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't filter candidates in bulk application review.