Troubleshoot low application volume

When a job post attracts fewer applicants than you're expecting, your job board is a natural place to start looking for solutions. There's some basic research you can do to determine the cause of decreased applications.

Look at your data

Generating reports on your job posts will help you understand candidate and application trends. Knowing "how" and "when" the data changed can give information on the "why."

Understand how your job board and job posts are hosted

For job boards hosted by Greenhouse Recruiting, you can feel confident that you have control over the order and the experience of your applicants. 

However, when you're using integrated job boards, or job boards hosted on other sites, your posts may not be showing up well in the search results. Unfortunately, since Greenhouse Recruiting doesn't control the search results on these sites, it's best to follow up with the job board vendor themselves. 

See this article to understand how job boards are hosted with Greenhouse Recruiting. Greenhouse Recruiting offers free integrations with some vendors that permit free job posts. See this list for more information. 

Test the candidate's experience

Whether your job board is hosted by Greenhouse or by another vendor, the candidate's application experience can be a likely cause for decreased interest. By testing out the process and applying to the jobs yourself, you can easily understand how candidates can apply to your posts. A confusing application process, lots of typing, or too many "clicks" can often dissuade candidates from applying to a job.

Promote your job posts

Using these sponsored posts can help draw attention to high-value postings. Through Job Ad Market, you can purchase job post promotions directly in Greenhouse Recruiting.