Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Microsoft Teams allows organizations scheduling with Outlook 365 to generate a Microsoft Teams video conferencing link during the standard interview scheduling process. Greenhouse Recruiting then automatically adds the Microsoft Teams link to the interviewer invite(s) and the candidate interview confirmation email. 

Requirements to schedule a Microsoft Teams interview

To schedule an interview using Microsoft Teams, the following conditions must be met: 

  • The user scheduling the interview has enabled the Outlook 365 integration 
  • The organization must support Microsoft Teams in its Outlook 365 configuration (managed outside of Greenhouse Recruiting)

Note: If Microsoft Teams is not available for you in Greenhouse Recruiting, it's possible either your organization has not configured Outlook 365 for online meetings, Enable External access (allows guests from outside your organization to access your video conference links) has not been set up, or another issue is occurring. Contact your in-house Outlook 365 Admin to adjust the appropriate settings in Outlook 365.

Schedule an interview using Microsoft Teams

A Microsoft Teams video conferencing link can be created for new interviews scheduled through Greenhouse Recruiting. To add a video conferencing link to previously scheduled interviews, you must do one of the following:

  • Delete the scheduled interview and reschedule through Greenhouse Recruiting using the steps outlined below, or
  • Add a Microsoft Teams link to the scheduled interview in Outlook 365, and then send the updated event to all participants (you may need to click Update next to the interview in Greenhouse Recruiting for the changes to appear on the candidate's profile)

To schedule a new interview via Microsoft Teams, navigate to a candidate who requires scheduling (All Candidates > Candidate). From the candidate's profile, click Schedule Interview next to the interview to be scheduled. If you wish to schedule multiple back-to-back interviews, click Schedule All

Note: When scheduling back-to-back interviews using the Schedule All function, a unique meeting link is generated for each selected interview included in the Schedule All workflow. It is not possible to share a single meeting link across multiple selected interviews.

If your team prefers to use a single meeting link across multiple interviews, we recommend scheduling one interview through the integration, copying the generated meeting link, and then manually pasting the copied meeting link into the body of each additional interview as you schedule through your typical workflow. Please note interviews scheduled with a copied and pasted meeting link will not display the Microsoft Teams logo on the candidate profile. 

Tip: To confirm you're scheduling to the intended Outlook 365 calendar, click the Settings icon at the top-right of the Scheduling for candidate page.

Enter the appropriate details in the Date, Time, and Interviewers fields. When you're finished entering the interview details, click Schedule and Continue at the bottom-right of the page.

On the subsequent page, click Add Video Conferencing in the Schedule Summary panel.

Select Microsoft Teams from the dropdown menu. A unique video conferencing link(s) will be added to the body of the interviewer invite(s) after scheduling.

Review the calendar invite(s) to be sent to the scheduled interviewer(s) and make any necessary changes. Click Send Invites at the bottom-right of the page when finished.

Greenhouse Recruiting sends a calendar invite for the interview(s) to the interviewer(s). Each calendar event includes the corresponding unique Microsoft Teams link. 

If needed, the Microsoft Teams link can be copied directly from the candidate's profile inline with the associated interview.

Note: For a more detailed walk-through of the scheduling process, please review the following articles:

Send an interview invite to the candidate

Note: The candidate will not be notified of the interview unless you manually send an interview confirmation. Greenhouse Recruiting does not automatically notify candidates of scheduled interviews.

Once the interview is scheduled, be sure to send an interview confirmation email to the candidate. From the candidate's profile, click Send Interview Confirmation

From the Availability dialog box, edit the necessary fields of the email and select an alternative template if needed. By default, the body of the email is drawn from the Default Candidate Interview Confirmation Message template. When this template is used, the Microsoft Teams video conferencing link is added automatically to the body of the email and is also included in the calendar file attachment (if sent). 

Note: If you're using a custom template to send an interview invite to the candidate, you must include the token {{INTERVIEW_SCHEDULE}} for the Microsoft Teams meeting link to be automatically added to the email.

When finished, click Send Email.

Join an interview via Microsoft Teams

At the time of the interview, both the interviewer(s) and the candidate can join the video conference by clicking the meeting link in the interview invite or calendar event. 

Please note this integration might differ based on your organization's unique Microsoft Teams settings, which are configured through Outlook 365. 

Additional resources

For more information about scheduling with the Microsoft Teams integration, including default integration behavior, expected settings, and special considerations, download the Greenhouse video conferencing integration settings guide attached to this article. Based on your screen size, this may appear at the bottom or on the top right side of the page.