Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Virtual scheduling is now even easier for both the candidate and the hiring team with our new integration with Microsoft Teams.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to schedule with Outlook 365 and generate a Microsoft Teams video conferencing link during the standard interview scheduling process. Greenhouse Recruiting then automatically adds the Microsoft Teams link to the interviewer invites and the candidate interview confirmation email.

Enable Microsoft Teams on interviews

To schedule an interview using Microsoft Teams, you'll need to ensure the following:

  • The person scheduling the interview must have enabled the Outlook 365 integration.
  • Your organization must support Microsoft Teams in its Outlook 365 configuration, which is managed outside of Greenhouse Recruiting.

Note: If Microsoft Teams isn't available for you when scheduling on Greenhouse Recruiting, it's possible your organization hasn't configured Outlook 365 for online meetings. The integration requires 'Enable External access (allows guests from outside your organization to access your video conference links)' to be set up in Outlook 365 Admin settings. Contact your in house Outlook 365 Admin to adjust the appropriate settings in Outlook 365.

Use Microsoft Teams with Greenhouse Recruiting

Schedule an interview with Microsoft Teams

To schedule a new interview and add Microsoft Teams, navigate to a candidate who requires scheduling (Candidates > Candidate).

Candidates page with a single candidate highlighted

From the candidate's profile, click Schedule Interview next to the interview to be scheduled. If you wish to schedule multiple back to back interviews, click Schedule All.

Screenshot of schedule interview button

Note: When scheduling back to back interviews using the Schedule All function, a unique meeting link is generated for each selected interview included in the Schedule All workflow. It isn't possible to share a single meeting link across multiple interviews. If your team prefers to use a single meeting link across multiple interviews, we recommend scheduling one interview through the integration, copying the generated meeting link, and then manually pasting the copied meeting link into the body of each additional interview as you schedule through your typical workflow.

Tip: To confirm you're scheduling to the intended Outlook 365 calendar, click the Settings icon at the top right of the Scheduling page.

Scheduling page showing Settings icon highlighted in marigold box at top right and scheduling calendar set to Outlook 365

On the scheduling page, enter the appropriate details in the Date, Time, Interviewers, and Resources fields.

Scheduling page showing a marigold emphasis box around date and interviewer selection with date set to 12 05 22 and interviewer set to Alejandro Gonzalez

When you're finished editing the interview details, click Schedule and Continue.

Scheduling page with marigold box highlighting Schedule and continue button at bottom right of page

Next, click Add Video Conferencing.

Scheduling confirmation page showing marigold emphasis box over Add video interviewing button

Select Microsoft Teams from the dropdown.

Video conferencing dropdown menu shows Microsoft Teams highlighted by marigold emphasis box

Review the calendar invite email and settings for the scheduled interviewers and make any necessary changes.

When finished, click Send Invites at the bottom.

Scheduling page shows Send Invite button highlighted at bottom right by marigold emphasis box

A unique video conferencing link will be added to the body of the interviewer invite after scheduling.

Greenhouse Recruiting will send a calendar invite for the interviews to the interviewers. Each calendar event includes the corresponding unique Microsoft Teams link.

Example Outlook365 scheduled email with Microsoft Teams link information highlighted at bottom in marigold

If needed, the Microsoft Teams link can also be copied directly from the candidate's profile beside the interview. Click Copy meeting link and paste the link into any resources you need.

Example candidate profile named Leopold Sims with Copy meeting link for Microsoft Teams highlighted in marigold emphasis box

Note: For a more detailed walk through of the scheduling process, click here.

Send an interview confirmation to a candidate

Note: Candidates aren't notified of scheduled interviews unless you send an interview confirmation email.

Once an interview is scheduled, send an interview confirmation email to the candidate.

From the candidate's profile, click Send Interview Confirmation.

Candidate Leopold Sims profile showing Send interview confirmation button highlighted in marigold emphasis box

Select a candidate interview confirmation template if needed, or edit the existing email text. By default, the body of the email is drawn from the Default Candidate Interview Confirmation Message template. When this template is used, the Microsoft Teams video conferencing link is added automatically to the body of the email and is also included in the calendar file attachment.

Leopold Sims candidate interview confirmation email showing marigold emphasis box on the Microsoft Teams link

Note: If you're using a custom email template to send an interview invite to the candidate, you need to include the token {{INTERVIEW_SCHEDULE}} for the Microsoft Teams meeting link to be automatically added to the email.

When finished, click Send Email.

Join an interview via Microsoft Teams

At the time of the interview, both the interviewers and the candidate can join the video conference by clicking the meeting link in the interview invite or the calendar event on their calendars.

Join Microsoft Teams