Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier with HRIS Link add-on

Manage recruiting at scale across platforms

HRIS Link can import and update jobs, offices, departments, and user accounts in Greenhouse Recruiting based on information in your HRIS, creating parity between the hiring software and your HRIS platform. You can also export new hires directly from Greenhouse to be transformed for your HRIS.

By integrating your HRIS on Greenhouse Recruiting with HRIS Link, you can manage recruiting at scale, with increased efficiency, advanced reporting capabilities, and reduced chances for human error.


HRIS Link allows you to sync different pieces of data between Greenhouse Recruiting and your HRIS.

Greenhouse currently integrates with two HRIS vendors:

How HRIS Link works

HRIS Link works by processing reports from your HRIS to import updates and data to Greenhouse Recruiting.


Once enabled, HRIS Link will validate your reports every 15 minutes, check for errors, then create or update data in Greenhouse Recruiting as needed, allowing your organization to manage the structure of jobs at scale. A summary of each HRIS Link sync, with success and error details, will be sent to a single email address selected by your organization.

HRIS Link reports can be modified at any time by your organization, allowing full customization and extensibility without the need for technical assistance. Once you create HRIS reports according to our specs, you can manage and update report configurations directly in Greenhouse Recruiting with HRIS Link.