HRIS Link allows you to use HRIS reports to easily import and update jobs, user accounts, offices, and departments in Greenhouse Recruiting.

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HRIS Link summary

HRIS Link requires a standalone HRIS report for each of the following Greenhouse Recruiting components you wish to import:

  • Jobs
  • Offices
  • Departments
  • Users

Each report must be published as a web service (e.g., RaaS) and must be accessible by an integration system user (ISU). Each report must meet Greenhouse Recruiting specifications, which includes the column headers required to align HRIS values with those in Greenhouse Recruiting.

HRIS Link features

  • Reports are processed every 15 minutes, at :00, :15, :30, and :45 past the hour.
  • Reports are accessed by a customer-provisioned ISU.
  • Reports can be modified at any time by your organization, allowing full customization and extensibility without the need for technical and/or Greenhouse Recruiting assistance.
  • A summary of each integration run, including success and error details, are sent to a single email address selected by your organization​.

Additional resources

To learn how to configure HRIS Link for jobs, offices, departments, and/or users, please see the following articles: