Grant Greenhouse team temporary account access

Greenhouse Software takes account security seriously, and restricts Greenhouse employees from accessing your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting account and associated information without your explicit consent. In some cases, the Greenhouse team might require temporary access to your user account to complete troubleshooting, or to answer questions related to account-specific content.

In this article, we will cover: 


Grant, revoke, or edit temporary account access

To begin, click Hi [Username] in the upper-right corner. Click Account Settings in the subsequent dropdown. 


From the Account Settings page, navigate to the Greenhouse Support Access panel on the right side of the page. Click Configure support access.  


In the Length of access dropdown, select the duration of account access to grant the Greenhouse team. Click Grant access when finished. 

Note: Site Admin users have an additional option for Allow access to all accounts at your organization. Selecting this option permits the Greenhouse team to log into your organization's account through any user account. Click here to learn more.

If you are a Site Admin, the Greenhouse Support team might contact you by email if a non–Site Admin member of your team submits a request that requires org-wide access.


Temporary access is granted to the Greenhouse team for the selected length of time. At the end of the selected time, access is revoked automatically from the Greenhouse team.

Note: When you grant access, you are granting general access to the Greenhouse team. This access is not limited to a specific Greenhouse employee.  

To revoke access before the selected end time, return to the Account Settings page > Temporary access panel and click Revoke access


In the subsequent dialog box, click Revoke access to confirm. The Greenhouse team can no longer access your account.


Note: To edit the length of access after granting it, follow the steps above to revoke access entirely, then grant new access with the updated duration.


Allow access to all accounts at your organization

When granting temporary access, Site Admins have an option for Allow access to all accounts at your organization. Selecting this option permits the Greenhouse team to log into your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting instance through any user account. 


If this box is not checked, the Greenhouse team can log into your organization's account through your user account only.

Any time a Site Admin grants universal access through all user accounts, all Site Admins at the organization will be notified via email.



Implications of granting temporary account access

Greenhouse employees access your account only as necessary. Granting temporary account access allows members of the following teams to log into your user account: 

  • Customer Success
  • Customer Support
  • Engineering 
  • Professional Services

When a Greenhouse employee logs in through a user account, they view Greenhouse Recruiting with the same permissions and access available to that user account. 


Review record of Greenhouse employee logins 

Your organization's Change Log creates a record any time a Greenhouse employee logs into a user's account. To review Greenhouse employee logins for your organization, have a Site Admin navigate to Configure Configure.png > Change Log


From the Change Log page, use the All Actions dropdown to search for Phantom User Login to see a list of all instances in which a Greenhouse employee has accessed your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting account.


To audit for when temporary access was granted or revoked by a member of your team, search the All Actions dropdown for Temporary Access Granted or Temporary Access Revoked


Click here to learn more about using the Change Log.


Cases where Greenhouse does not require consent for account access

In limited scenarios, Greenhouse Software can access your organization's account without a user first granting temporary access. This includes emergency situations, and can be completed only by a select number of Greenhouse employees. This type of access is tracked closely by Greenhouse's Security team. 

The Greenhouse Data Migrations team and Implementations team can access every newly created account for 90 days after the account is created without a user granting temporary access. After the first 90 days, members of these teams can no longer log into your account unless a user grants them temporary access.