With Guide, recruiting teams invite their candidates to a single hub to manage everything they need during their hiring process, from interview details to timelines, prep materials, and more. Because Guide acts as the candidate's home base for updates and real-time information, Guide unlocks rich insights that help talent teams understand which candidates are engaged and which are at risk of dropping off.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Guide allows you to automatically create, send, and update Guide content based on each candidate's interview stage in Greenhouse Recruiting. The integration allows enables the automatic import of key information for candidates, such as interviewer profiles and interview schedules.

Set up the Guide integration

Create a Harvest API key

To configure the Greenhouse Recruiting / Guide integration, you'll need to create a Harvest API key.

Follow the steps in this article to create the key, and verify that the credentials and permissions below are selected when configuring the Guide integration.


In the Create New Credential box, make the following selections:

  • API type: Harvest
  • Partner: Guide
  • Description: Guide Harvest API key


Verify that the following permissions are selected for the Guide integration:


  • Get: Retrieve Application
  • Get: List Applications


  • Get: Retrieve Candidate
  • Get: List Candidates
  • Post: Add Note
  • Post: Add E-mail


  • Get: List tags applied to candidate
  • Get: List Candidate Tags


  • Get: Retrieve Application's Scorecard
  • Get: List Scorecards for Application
  • Get: Retrieve Scorecard
  • Get: List Scorecards


  • Get: List Application's Offers
  • Get: Retrieve Application's Current Offer
  • Get: Retrieve Offer
  • Get: List Offers

Scheduled Interviews

  • Get: List Interviews for Application
  • Get: Retrieve Interview
  • Get: List Interviews
  • Delete: Delete a scheduled interview
  • Post: Create a scheduled interview
  • Patch: Update a scheduled interview

Activity Feed

  • Get: Retrieve Activity Feed


  • Get: Retrieve Department
  • Get: List Departments

Email Templates

  • Get: Retrieve Email Template
  • Get: List Email Templates


  • Get: Retrieve Job
  • Get: List Jobs
  • Get: Get hiring team

Job Posts

  • Get: List Job Posts
  • Get: Retrieve Job Post for Job
  • Get: List Job Posts for Job

Job Stages

  • Get: Retrieve Job Stage
  • Get: List Job Stages
  • Get: List Job Stages for Job


  • Get: Retrieve Office
  • Get: List Offices

Rejection Reasons

  • Get: List Rejection Reasons


  • Get: List Sources


  • Get: Retrieve User
  • Get: List Users
  • Get: List User Job Permissions
  • Get: List User Future Job Permissions
  • Get: List Pending Approvals


  • Get: Retrieve EEOC Data for Application
  • Get: List EEOC

User Roles

  • Get: List User Roles

Tracking Links

  • Get: Retrieve Job Tracking Link


  • Get: Get degrees
  • Get: Get disciplines
  • Get: Get schools

Job Openings

  • Get: List Openings For a Job

Custom Fields

  • Get: Get custom fields

Custom Field Options

  • Get: Custom field options

Close Reasons

  • Get: Get close reasons


  • Get: List Approval Flows For Job
  • Get: Get single approval flow

Custom Locations

  • Get: Retrieve Custom Location for Job Board

When finished, click Save.

Your Harvest API key for the Greenhouse Recruiting / Guide integration is created and configured. Copy the key to provide to Guide in the next step.

Provide your API key credentials to Guide

With your Harvest API key securely copied, navigate to Guide's Integrations page via Guide Dashboard > Settings > Integrations and choose Greenhouse.

Paste your API key in the Harvest API Key field.

Guide integration image

Two other fields must be completed: the Single Sign On (SSO) subdomain and Greenhouse Maildrop address. Guide needs these two pieces of information to communicate with your Greenhouse Recruiting account, and to ensure email messages sent through Guide appear in each candidate's Activity Feed in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Locate your company's subdomain by logging into your Greenhouse Recruiting account. Note the URL in your address bar: this usually is either app, app2, app3, or companyname.greenhouse.io.

Locate your company's Maildrop address by visiting this article. Find and copy your Maildrop email address for logging candidate conversations.

Paste your subdomain, and Maildrop email address in the integration setup in Guide and click Save.

Guide integration image

Create web hooks in Greenhouse Recruiting

Connecting web hooks between Greenhouse Recruiting and Guide enables Guide to be notified when changes are made to candidates within Greenhouse Recruiting. This allows powerful functionality like updating a candidate's Guide content when they move interview stages, or sending them an email after they apply.

To retrieve the information for the web hooks, navigate to the Guide Integrations page and click Configure under Greenhouse. Follow the instructions to create a webhook, and repeat the same process for each one requested. This will take approximately 10 minutes.

Guide integration image

Note: The fastest way to create the webhooks is to open a second tab for Greenhouse Recruiting's web hook configuration page, and switch between both tabs in tandem.

Guide integration image

Install the the Guide Extension for Google Chrome and complete setup

Note: The Guide Extension is currently supported for the Google Chrome browser. Users of Microsoft Edge may encounter limited success using the Guide Extension, however, Guide does not currently officially support Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or any other browser.

As the final step to enable the Guide integration, you'll need to install the Guide extension for Google Chrome.

Navigate to Guide and click your user image in the top-right corner of your Guide Dashboard to populate user settings. From the dropdown, select Install Chrome extension.


Alternatively, to directly download the Guide extension, click here.

Update the Guide Extension for Google Chrome

Chrome does a updates your extensions automatically, but it checks for updates on its own schedule. Occassionally we may request you proactively update the Guide Extension for Chrome.

 To perform a manual update, start Google Chrome and click the vertical ellipsis icon tool icon on the browser toolbar.

ellipsis icon for Chrome browser.png

From there, select More ToolsExtensions and then, click the Developer Mode button on the right side of the header. 

Next, find and click the Update button. Once done, the extension update should run as expected. 

Additional resources

For troubleshooting or setup assistance, please contact the Guide support team at support@guide.co or refer to Guide's support article Integrating with Greenhouse.