VidCruiter offers the industry-leading video recruiting platform enabling you to identify, filter and acquire talent faster while saving you time and money. VidCruiter works hard to create a great experience for both your recruiters as well as your applicants. 

Greenhouse's integration with VidCruiter allows for an easy and dynamic recruitment process. 

Note: Before beginning the process to enable the Greenhouse Recruiting / VidCruiter integration, please ensure that you have administrative access to both your VidCruiter and Greenhouse accounts.

In this article, we will cover: 

Enable the Integration in VidCruiter

To begin, log into VidCruiter and click Admin (1) > Integrations (2) > Greenhouse (3) > Connect (4). 


On the subsequent page, copy and save the API key listed. You will need this to connect VidCruiter in Greenhouse Recruiting.


Add an Export Event in VidCruiter

Click Positions (1). Click the folder your position is in (2) > click the gear icon by your position (3) >  Edit (4).


Click Recruiter Tasks in the top navigation menu.


Within your Recruiter Tasks, choose where you would like to export your candidate information back to Greenhouse Recruiting. In this example, we will export the candidate information upon entry into the Greenhouse Export task. Click Add an Action.


Choose when you would like the export to happen. There are many options, however, we will be using the Applicant enters this step option.


In the What should happen? dropdown menu, choose Export Applicant.


Lastly, ensure the export is set to Greenhouse and click Save.


Any time an applicant enters this step, their information will be exported back to Greenhouse Recruiting automatically.

Note: Greenhouse will pull applicant information and display it periodically. Therefore, the export will not happen right away. For more details on the time delay, please contact Greenhouse Support.

Enable the Integration in Greenhouse Recruiting

To begin, click here to open a ticket with Greenhouse Customer Support. 

Note: Do not send the API key in this initial email.

The Greenhouse Support Team will respond with a SendSafely link for you to enter the API key you copied and saved from your VidCruiter account. A notification will be sent to the Greenhouse Support Team after you have entered your API key and they will email you to confirm that your API key has been set up in your account and your integration is enabled.

Note: To verify your identity, the Greenhouse Support Team might request you provide a Support Verification Code before adding the API key to your organization's account.

Once the Greenhouse Customer Support team has enabled the integration for you, you will be able to add the VidCruiter stage to your interview plans.

To do this for an existing job, navigate to a job (All Jobs > Job Name) and click Job Setup from the Job navigation bar.


From the Job Setup page, navigate to Interview Plan on the left-hand panel. 


Scroll down the page and click + Add a Stage.


From the Add Stage dialog box, select the VidCruiter stage. When finished, click Add at the bottom of the dialog box to add the stage to the job's interview plan.


Send Candidate to VidCruiter

To send a candidate from Greenhouse Recruiting to VidCruiter, navigate to an active candidate's profile and move the candidate to the VidCruiter stage. From the VidCruiter stage, click Send Test


Select the VidCruiter test you would like your candidate to complete, as well as the person who will grade the test. All VidCruiter tests available and connected to Greenhouse Recruiting will display within the Test dropdown. Click Send Test when finished. 


You should now see Sent, less than a minute ago. This confirms that the candidate has been successfully sent to VidCruiter to start their test.


When viewing the list of candidates on the job, the candidate you sent to the VidCruiter test will now show a status of Waiting for candidate to submit test.


View Test Results in Greenhouse Recruiting

From the Greenhouse Dashboard, click All Candidates and then click the candidate’s name.


From the candidate's profile, click the VidCruiter scorecard. 


From the Scorecard page, click View Report.


Viewing the report will direct you to the candidate’s VidCruiter profile. Here, you can view the candidate’s answers to the VidCruiter test they completed.


Get Help

Contact your VidCruiter Client Success Manager or Greenhouse Customer Support for any additional questions during or after the setup process.