'Choreographed introductions' email overview

Permissions: Owner, Coordinator

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Choreographed introductions is a flexible email tool that allows your team to send customized notifications about a new hire class to relevant employees at your organization.

Each Choreographed introductions email template allows you to:

  • Select which new hires should be included in the email based on relevant criteria
  • Define what information about each new hire will be included in the email
  • Add custom text to the email body
  • Schedule when the email should be sent based on the Start Week for the included new hires
  • Choose who will receive the email — a specified Greenhouse Onboarding user, a role (such as manager or buddy), and a specific email address

Once a Choreographed introductions template is created and scheduled, the template will be sent automatically to the selected recipients when applicable new hires start at your organization.

New hire cohorts

When configuring a Choreographed introductions template, you'll need to consider which new hires should be referenced in the email, as well as when the email should be sent. To address this, Choreographed introductions introduce the concept of new hire cohorts, which are groups of new hires who have the following two factors in common:

  • Match the template's defined criteria (department, location, employment status, or other criteria), and
  • Have a start date within the same calendar week (7 days) as one another — all new hires starting in the same week (Monday – Sunday) will be included in the same email weeks are Monday

When configuring a Choreographed introductions template, you will be required to define the criteria, as well as specify when the email should be sent relative to the week of the new hires' Start Dates.

Example: Let's say you schedule a Choreographed introductions email for Monday, 2 weeks after New Hires start. The email also includes a Department requirement of Engineering.

The following new hires started at your organization recently:
    • Virginia Woolf, Engineering (Start date: Monday, August 31)
    • Ernest Hemingway, Customer Success (Start date: Tuesday, September 1)
    • Zora Neale Hurston, Engineering (Start date: Tuesday, September 1)
    • John Steinbeck, Engineering (Start date: Thursday, September 3)

Based on the criteria provided, the following three new hires are considered a new hire cohort, and will be included in the Choreographed Introductions email sent on Monday, September 14:

    • Virginia Woolf
    • Zora Neale Hurston
    • John Steinbeck

Additional resources

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