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The Integration of Greenhouse with XOR will make the recruiting process more efficient. XOR can automate the screening process and scheduling of the candidates using an AI chatbot. The qualified candidates are added in your candidates database and you can see the transcription of the entire chatbot conversations, as well as the candidates’ resumes.

Besides this, XOR provides a Google Chrome extension, which allows recruiters to communicate with the candidates directly from the browser using different communication channels, like SMS, WhatsApp, phone calls.

Integration in Company settings

To integrate Greenhouse on your Company level, follow the steps below:

  • In your XOR account go to Companies → search the Company’s name → Edit Company

  • On the Company page, click Integration Settings tab → Greenhouse Settings

  • Enter the company’s Email (the one registered on Greenhouse) and the Harvest Api Key

  • Enable the Email notification and edit the message → Enable the SMS notification and edit the message

  • Click the Save button at the top right corner of the page


For the integration the following permissions are required:


- GET: List Users


- GET: Retrieve Candidate

- GET: List Candidates

- POST: Add Candidate

- PATCH: Edit Candidate

- POST: Add Application

- POST: Add Note


- GET: Retrieve Application

- GET: List Applications

- POST: Add Attachment to Application


Integration in Vacancy settings

To integrate Greenhouse in a Vacancy, follow the steps below:


  • In your  XOR account go to Companies → select the Company → select a Vacancy
  • On vacancy Edit tab go to Integration Settings section enter the External Company ID
  • Scroll down to Integration Settings at the right bottom of the page check the Automatic candidate publication checkbox
  • In the Timeout box, enter the interval of time at which the candidate’s data will be published
  • In the Start counting from dropdown menu, select the stage of the chatbot conversation, at which the candidate’s data will be published
  •  Click the Add button to open the External Data Systems box click the Settings button and select Greenhouse from the drop-down menu
  • Again, click the Settings button and check the Use for candidate invite checkbox
  • Click the Save button at the top right corner of the page


Source the Candidates

Once the integration on Company and Vacancy levels are performed, you can start sourcing the candidates.

There are two scenarios covered by XOR integration with Greenhouse:


  1. The candidate applies on the Greenhouse careers page for a specific job posting. XOR monitors Job Applications with Greenhouse Harvest API. As soon as XOR finds a new Job Application, the candidate is invited to pass the chatbot, linked to the Job Requisition applied. After the qualification, XOR sends the updated candidate information back to the Greenhouse with the transcription of the entire chatbot conversation (Cover Letter), as well as the candidate’s resume.



  1. The candidate applies to a job in XOR (through a direct chatbot link, XOR Landing page, text to apply, etc.). If this Job is linked to the Greenhouse Job Requisition, after the candidate’s qualification,  XOR adds the candidate in the Greenhouse database (with the Resume and Cover Letter). Also, XOR creates a new Job Application in Greenhouse.





Use the XOR Chrome Extension

In order to improve the engagement process and make it faster, XOR Chrome Extension allows you to  add a candidate to a scheduled campaign with a single click.

To do this, follow the steps below:


  • Click the XOR extension icon → choose the Company in which you want to add the candidate → click Select Company 
  • Click the phone number or email address of the candidate to fill in all the necessary fields
  • Select the scheduled campaign to which you want to add the candidate
  • Click the Add Candidate button



Besides this, the XOR extension enables you to see the candidates’ history of conversations and send them SMS messages directly from the extension. To do this follow the steps below:


  • Click on the candidate’s contact data → click the Conversation button to display the conversation

  • Click the Switch to Messaging button → select SMS → Edit the message and press the Enter button