Tip: Emails sent from a Greenhouse domain (such as no-reply@greenhouse.io) are more likely to be flagged as promotional messages by Gmail's algorithms. We strongly recommend sending emails from a verified email domain (such as @yourcompany.com) for the best likelihood of Gmail directing your messages to the recipient's Primary inbox tab.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes emails sent from Greenhouse Recruiting are not delivered where we expected. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including an email address landing on our bounce list, the recipient's email provider flagging the message as spam, or the recipient's email provider routing the message to a location other than the inbox.

If a user or candidate reports not receiving an email message you sent them, we recommend the following as an early troubleshooting step:

  • Ask if the recipient uses a Gmail-hosted email account and, if so,
  • Request the recipient check their Promotions tab for the missing messages

Note: Messages routed to the Promotions tab are not as marked as spam or considered to be spam by Google. Gmail uses a specified Spam folder for messages identified as spam.

The Promotions tab is a function of Gmail's tabbed inbox feature. Tabbed inboxes help users maintain a clean inbox view by segmenting it into tabs and routing certain messages out of the Primary tab. Gmail considers each tab to be part of the recipient's inbox. Users with tabbed inboxes enabled might be checking only their default inbox view, the Primary tab, and overlooking messages routed into other tabs.

Gmail uses unique filtering algorithms to determine where to route incoming emails for users who have enabled the tabbed inboxes feature. This filtering is managed by Gmail and cannot be managed from within Greenhouse Recruiting.

To learn more about tabbed inboxes, please review the following Google blog post: Making Gmail's tabbed inbox work better for you.

While messages routed to the Promotions tab are not considered spam, we still recommend having a recipient check their Spam folder if they cannot locate messages you sent them. If you determine your team's messages are landing in recipient Spam folders regularly, we recommend reviewing our Email Best Practices article to learn more about improving email deliverability.