All free-text fields on scorecards support rich-text editing. This includes text entered in the Key Takeaways field and responses to custom scorecard questions. 


To ensure the best experience, we have compiled a few best practices and expected behaviors when using rich-text editing for scorecards: 

  • When entering code, use the rich-text toolbar to create a code section, then paste the code into the code section using CTRL + shift + V to prevent entering unintended formatting from your code editor. 
  • Code typically will render correctly, but this is not guaranteed. For security purposes, certain code might not render as expected. 

    Example: If you paste code outside a code block that appears potentially dangerous, such as code containing the <script> tag, the content of the tag will not render after submitting the scorecard. No warning will be surfaced before you submit the scorecard

  • Code added outside a code block before the rich-text editor feature was added (June 2020) will not render correctly.