Quick Select is a bulk permissioning feature that allows you to search for specific users by name or email address, select the users, and then execute a bulk action to assign job-based permissions to the group of users.

In this article, we will discuss how to search for users manually by name within the Quick Select feature, as well as how to paste a list of users from another source into Quick Select. 


Search for Users By Name with Quick Select

To use Quick Select, navigate to the Configure icon Configure.png in the upper right-hand corner, then click Users in the left-hand panel.


Click the Bulk Actions button.


Click the Quick Select button.


Type in the name of the first user you wish to edit. Select the user's name from the list when it appears. Repeat this process to add all users whose permissions you wish to edit in your bulk action. 


Note: Quick Select's type-to-search functionality / manual entry supports searching by user name only. If you prefer to search for users by email address, the email address must be copied from an external source, then pasted into the Search for users to select field. 

When you are finished adding users, click Edit Selected (#) at the bottom of the Quick Select dialog window. 


Continue with your Bulk Action. 


Enter Multiple Users Simultaneously with Quick Select

Quick Select also supports copying and pasting in a list of user names or email addresses to search for all users simultaneously. This functionality can be useful if you have a list of names or email addresses already compiled outside of Greenhouse Recruiting (such as in an .xlsx or .docx file) which all require the same permissions update. 

To do this, begin by launching the Quick Select feature using the steps described above. Once the Quick Select dialog window is open, copy the list of user names or email addresses from your external source, then paste the list into the Search for users to select field. When finished, click Edit Selected (#)


Note: If any names or email addresses are entered which do not match existing users in your Greenhouse Recruiting instance, those values will be skipped during the Bulk Action. 

After clicking Edit Selected (#), continue with your Bulk Action.