Greenhouse Recruiting allows your organization to automatically assign users job-based permissions on future jobs. In some cases, your team might wish to assign job-based permissions to a group of users on all future jobs except those in a specified Office and/or Department. In this article, we will discuss how to exclude job-based permissions on future jobs in bulk for Job Admin / Interviewer users.

Example: Your organization might choose to grant members of your Recruiting team permissions on most new jobs automatically, but wish to more strictly limit which users have permissions on People team jobs, as new hires on the People team will be your Recruiters' direct peers. 

Using the Exclude permissions function, you can configure this access easily in bulk by applying the following two permissions to the relevant users: 

  • All Future jobs
  • Exclude Permissions for: All Future People jobs

To exclude job based permissions on future jobs in bulk, navigate to the Configure icon Configure.png in the upper right-hand corner, then click Users in the left-hand panel. 


Use the filters at the top of the page to narrow down your list of users if applicable, then click Bulk Actions.


Select the users you wish to edit. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Click the checkboxes to the left of the user names, or
  • Click the Quick Select button to search for users by name or email address

If you prefer to select users from the provided list, click the checkbox to the left of each user who should be edited in your Bulk Action. When finished selecting users, click Edit Selected (#).


If you prefer to select users by searching for name or email address, click the Quick Select button instead.


In the Quick Select dialog box, type or paste the user names or email addresses you wish to edit in your Bulk Action. If any names or email addresses are entered which do not match existing users, they will be skipped. When finished entering users, click Edit Selected (#).


Once you have selected your users through one of the methods above, you will be directed to the Edit # Users dialog box. In this dialog box, click Add and Remove Job Permissions.


Click Add and Remove Job Permissions in the subsequent dialog box.


Use the filters at the top of the Add and Remove Permissions dialog box to set the Office and/or Department where you wish to exclude future permissions for the selected group of users. 


Note: It is not possible to exclude permissions on all future jobs. The Exclude permissions option will appear only when assigning future job permissions in a specified Office and/or Department.

Once you have filtered for the Office and/or Department, click Edit inline with All Future Jobs.... A Select an Option dropdown will appear. Click the dropdown, then select Exclude permissions


When finished, click Done at the bottom of the dialog box. 


In the Edit Job Permissions (# Users) dialog box, confirm you selected the intended changes, then click Save Permissions


In the subsequent dialog box, click Save Permissions again to confirm.


Moving forward, the selected users will not be automatically assigned any job-based permissions on jobs created in the Office and/or Department where you excluded permissions. 

If you wish to assign any of the users permissions on a job which is in an Office and/or Department where you have excluded future permissions, you can still do so manually using the standard assign job-based permissions process