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Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tier

Greenhouse Recruiting allows your organization to automatically assign users job-based permissions on future jobs. In some cases, your team might wish to assign job-based permissions to a group of users on all future jobs except those in a specified Office and/or Department.

Example: Your organization might choose to grant members of your Recruiting team permissions on most new jobs automatically, but want to limit which users have permissions on People team jobs, as new hires on the People team will be your Recruiters' direct peers. 
Using the Exclude permissions function option when creating permission rules, you can easily remove users from those future jobs. 

Click here for more information on creating permission rules. 

Create a rule to exclude job permissions

To begin, navigate to the Users configure page. (Configure icon > Users)

Screenshot  of  the  user  configure  page.

Use the filter panel at the top of the page to narrow your list of users. Click Apply when done. 

Screenshot  of  the  filter  panel.

Next, click Bulk Actions.

Screenshot  of  the  Bulk  actions  button.

Add a checkmark next to each user permissions will be excluded from, or click Select All to action all users. 

Screenshof  of  the  selected  users.

Note: You can quickly locate users by selecting Quick Select and locating the users by name or email address. You can also paste a list of users in this field if each email address or name is separated by a comma.

Screenshot  of  the  quick  select  button.

When all the users are selected, click Edit Selected

Screenshot  of  the  edit  selected  button.

Select Add and remove permissions by rules from the pop-up window.

Screenshot  of  the  edit  users  pop  up  window.

Add a checkmark to the Notify user of new permission via email box to send communication to the impacted users. 

Next, use the Rules panel to select the Job type. Then, select the Office and/or Department, and choose Exclude permissions from the permission dropdown menu. 


  • You can exclude users from permissions on current jobs by selecting Current and future jobs from the dropdown menu. This option is only available if the users have already been given job-based permissions. 
  • It is not possible to exclude permissions on all future jobs. The Exclude permissions option only appears when assigning future job permissions in a specified Office and/or Department.

Screenshot of the add and remove permissions page.

To exclude the group of users from multiple sets of job-based permissions, click Add rule

Screenshot of the add rule button.

Note: You can only define additional rules after the first one is created. 

Click Save when done. The bulk permissions rule runs in the background and notifies you at the bottom of the page when it is finished.

If you need to assign excluded users permissions in an Office and/or Department where you have excluded future permissions, you can manually assign them using the job-based permissions process