Remotive specializes in finding remote tech talent, serving the 53.3% of developers who say "remote options are a top priority" (Stack Overflow 2018). Since 2014, millions of professionals have interacted with Remotive's content. Companies using Remotive to source technical talent tap into a community of active and passive job seekers.

In this article, we will cover how to:


Obtain Job Post URL in Greenhouse Recruiting

To start, navigate to the external job post you would like to share to Remotive.

If are a Job Admin with permissions on the job, or a Site Admin, you can find the external job post by navigating to the job > Job Setup tab > Job Posts


From the Job Posts page, locate the job post you wish to share to Remotive and click the View Live icon beneath the job post title. 


This will open the job post on your careers page. Copy the URL from your browser bar, and then save the URL to share with Remotive in the next step.

If you are neither a Job Admin with permissions on the job nor a Site Admin, navigate to your company's external careers page, search for the job you wish to share to Remotive, and copy the job post's URL from your browser bar.  Save the URL to share with Remotive in the next step. 

Note: The Greenhouse Recruiting / Remotive integration requires the job post URL to be provided in the following format: If your organization uses customized job post URL formatting (e.g., you will need to obtain your company's job board token and the job post ID, then provide those details to Remotive in the next step using the required formatting.


Post Job to Remotive

To share the job post on Remotive, navigate to Remotive's Post a Job page at

Scroll down the page to find the ATS services section, and click on the Greenhouse Recruiting icon. 


Paste your external job post URL in the provided dialog window, then click Import


Note: Be sure your job post URL uses the following format:

That is it! Your listing will appear on the platform Here is an example of a job posted to Remotive: 


At the top and at the bottom of the job listing, candidates have the option to click Apply for this position


If candidates click the Apply for this position button, they will be redirected to your job post on your own external careers page. 

If you want candidates who apply to your jobs from Remotive to have a source of Remotive associated with the profile in Greenhouse Recruiting, you must take the following additional steps: 

  1. Have a user at your organization create a custom source for Remotive.
  2. Create a custom tracking link for the job post using the Remotive source. 
  3. Follow the steps above to post the job to Remotive (including using the required URL formatting), then edit your Remotive posting to add the custom tracking link to the post.  


Get Help

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