Your organization will still continue its recruiting efforts with active candidates while Greenhouse Recruiting completes your historical data migration from your former ATS (4-6 weeks). In order to go-live with Greenhouse Recruiting, your team will need to eventually migrate any and all existing active candidates to Greenhouse Recruiting. 

In this article, we will cover the necessary steps to migrate your organization's active candidates from your former ATS into Greenhouse Recruiting.


*Note: Your organization will need an Advanced or Expert subscription tier to migrate interviewer feedback and/or notes using the described method.  


Active Candidate Migration Decisions

Migrating active candidates from your former ATS to Greenhouse Recruiting is a manual process that is performed by one or more member of your organization. Before you begin we recommend that you develop a migration plan based on your resources, needs, and Greenhouse Recruiting subscription tier. 

Decide User(s) Performing Active Candidate Migration 

Generally, how your organization performs the active candidate migration happens in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Your organization assigns a single user to migrate all active candidates into Greenhouse Recruiting across all jobs.
  2. Your organization decides that active candidate migration is managed on a per job, department, office, etc... basis and a user will manage the active candidate migration for those jobs.

However your organization decides to perform the active candidate migration, ensure that the assigned user(s) have the necessary permissions on the appropriate jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting. Click here to learn more about Greenhouse Recruiting's permission levels.

Note: If users in charge of the active candidate migration are assigned Job Admin level permissions on their respective jobs, be sure those users can advance candidates/prospects 

Decide to Migrate Interviewer Feedback and/or Notes

Your organization will also need to decide whether interviewer feedback and/or notes on active candidates should also be migrated into Greenhouse Recruiting. While you can manually copy and paste this information for each migrated active candidate, in order to programmatically import this information into Greenhouse Recruiting your organization will need an Advanced or Expert subscription.

When to Migrate Active Candidates

Whichever method your organization chooses to migrate active candidates into Greenhouse Recruiting, be aware that it is not possible backdate an interview (although it is possible backdate a scorecard). Before your organization begins the migration process, a decision should be reached whether the candidate will progress to the next round in your interview plan before they are migrated into Greenhouse Recruiting. 


Retrieve Maildrop Addresses

Every Open job in your organization will be assigned a unique Maildrop email address so that users can create candidates in Greenhouse via email.

Note: Maildrop is specifically limited to Greenhouse users. That is, in order to successfully forward a message from your inbox to create a candidate, Maildrop must recognize your email address (i.e. the email address must be associated with a Greenhouse user account).

To navigate to the Greenhouse Maildrop page, click the Screen_Shot_2020-02-24_at_9.38.35_AM.png in the upper right-hand corner and click Add a Referral from the dropdown menu.


From the Add a Referral page, click Forward Resume via Email on the left-hand side. 


From your organization's Greenhouse Maildrop page, navigate to the table at the bottom of the page. This table will list every Open job in your organization that a user can access with the corresponding job-specific Maildrop email address. 



Attaching Candidates to a Job

In order to get active candidates migrated into Greenhouse Recruiting, user(s) in your organization will use the Maildrop feature to send the candidate's resume. We will parse this resume to create the candidate's new profile in Greenhouse Recruiting. This step will be done regardless of whether you want to migrate an active candidate's notes and interviewer feedback.

If your organization wishes to programmatically migrate an active candidate's notes and interviewer feedback as well, these active candidates must first be imported as prospects. Below are the features used to attach candidates to a job and the information that is migrated:

  • Maildrop: Candidate Resume
  • Bulk Prospect Import: Notes, Interviewer Feedback, other candidate data...

Migrate Active Candidate's Resume

To migrate an active candidate into Greenhouse Recruiting and attach them to a specific job, send an email addressed to the job's unique Maildrop address that contains the resumes for active candidates who will be migrated, and write BULK in the subject header.

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting recommends that you limit active candidate resumes to 20 resumes per email.


Maildrop will attempt to parse the resume to help build the candidate’s profile in Greenhouse Recruiting. Since resumes generally follow a fairly standard format, the parsing technology uses that standard structure as a guide to interpret the content and pull out the name, email address, phone number, mailing address, current title, and current company of the candidate.

Note: You will receive an email notification from no-reply@greenhouse.io that will either confirm that the candidate was successfully created, or that Maildrop failed to create a candidate and that you must add it manually.


Migrate Active Candidate's Notes and Interviewer Feedback

In order to migrate an activate candidate's notes and interviewer feedback, user(s) in your organization must first upload the active candidates as prospects and convert them into candidates. Once finished, you will use Maildrop to update the candidate's profile with their resume. 

Note: If you are a user with Job Admin level permissions, you will need the following user-specific permission Can manage unattached prospects to view the list of migrated candidates. Additionally, this use-specific permission will need to be applied to any user (Job Admin or Site Admin) who is performing the prospect to candidate conversion process.

Click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Bulk Import on the left-hand panel. 


Click Download Import Template to download a copy of the template to your computer.


Input the details of the active candidate in the appropriate columns. Include notes and interviewer feedback in the Notes column of the spreadsheet. 

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting recommends that you upload a single bulk prospect import template per job. This will simplify the conversion of these prospects into candidates. 


When you have finished editing the template, click Upload Spreadsheet to begin the upload and mapping workflow.


Once everything is completed, you can click View to see a list of all your uploaded prospects.


From the All Candidates page, filter the list to prospect applications, click Bulk Actions and select all active candidates from the migration. 

When finish, click Edit Selected and select Convert to Candidate from the subsequent dialog box. 


Select the appropriate job and click Add to Job.

The active candidates are now migrated into your Greenhouse Recruiting account with their respective notes and interviewer feedback. 


When finished, use the Maildrop feature outlined in this article to update the active candidate with their resumes. 


Move Candidate to Appropriate Stage

Once the active candidates are migrated into your system, user(s) can move the candidate to the appropriate stage individually or in bulk (if the candidates are in the same stage). In this section, we will cover how to advance or backtrack multiple candidates to the same stage using Greenhouse Recruiting's bulk edit feature.

Note: All candidates included in this bulk action must be on the same job. 

Click All Candidates from the navigation bar and select Bulk Actions.


Expand the Jobs panel on the left-hand side and click Filter by JobSelect one job from the list and click Save when finished. 


Select the active candidates who will be included in this bulk action by placing a check in the box next to the candidate name.

Click Edit Selected when finished.


Navigate to the Candidates section and click Move to Another Stage.


Use the subsequent dialog box to select a stage. Candidates included in the bulk action will be moved to this stage.