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Greenhouse Recruiting / Wurk Integration Overview

Wurk is the leading HR and Payroll platform built for the cannabis industry. With Wurk, businesses can manage payroll, HR, timekeeping, employee scheduling and tax compliance in one intuitive system. Attract the best talent in the industry by easily posting open job positions to a broader network of candidates. The process is simple for applicants, and employers can filter candidates to find the most qualified individuals for the position.

Manage employees' schedules with ease, get insight into overtime costs and monitor the team with reporting, alerts, and forecasting. Increase profits by aligning high performing employees with peak retail traffic hours. Wurk allows businesses to provide employees with consistent and reliable paychecks through transparent relationships with banks and financial institutions.

The Greenhouse Recruiting integration with Wurk allows a cannabis organization to quickly and easily move a hired candidate from the Greenhouse Recruiting platform into the Wurk Human Capital Management (HCM) system. Included in this article:

  • How to get started with the Greenhouse Recruiting / Wurk Integration
  • Integration overview
  • Configure User Setup Permissions in Greenhouse Recruiting

How to get started with the Greenhouse Recruiting / Wurk Integration

The integration with Wurk requires minimal customization in order to properly function. To get started, please contact your Wurk Account Manager. There is a small fee for the set up of the integration as well as discovery questions that the team will address during the initial call.

Integration Overview

Once configured, the integration will seamlessly transfer any candidate data that is marked as “hired” (within Greenhouse Recruiting) into the Wurk System as a new employee. Employees in the Wurk system will be created using the information that is stored within the Greenhouse Recruiting software.


The employee can then begin the onboarding process within the Wurk system. Employee records are created in a “pending” status so they can be taken through onboarding and any organizational processes before being given full access to the system.


Integration Mapping

The mapping from Greenhouse Recruiting into the Wurk HCM platform has been documented below. These are the standard mappings that are available with the integration. You are able to select all of the fields or a portion of the fields, based on your organization's goals.



Greenhouse Recruiting Wurk Notes
No Field Needed in Greenhouse Username Required by Wurk - First letter of first name + last name + last 2 digits of employee id
No Field Needed in Greenhouse Employee ID Starts at 500,000 so that candidates from integration can be identified
Offer Starts at Date Hired Date Hired and Start date will default to the same date but can be customized to be different.
Offer Starts at Date Started Hired and Start date will default to the same date but can be customized to be different.
Applicant - First Name FirstName  
Applicant - Last Name LastName  
Applicant - Email [‘personal’] Primary Email  
Applicant - Email [‘work’] Secondary_email  
Applicant - phones [‘work’] Work_phone  
Applicant - phones [‘home’] Home_phone  
Applicant - phones [‘mobile’] Cell_phone  
Must be mapped from a custom field Ein See instructions below for adding EIN mapping custom field
No Field Needed in Greenhouse External_id  
Hiring Manager Manager Person is matched based on first and last name to an employee in Wurk.  Must be an exact match in Wurk and Greenhouse
  Address (line_1, country, city, state, zip)  




Greenhouse Recruiting Wurk Notes
Salary Field from Job Offer Amount The amount offered on the Job Offer - Must be either Salary or Hourly
Hourly Field from Job Offer Amount The amount offered on the Job Offer - Must be either Salary or Hourly
Mapped from custom field Employee_type (Salaried, hourly) (exempt, non-exempt)


Setting up the integration

Add a new Job - Custom Field


Add New Field



Nam Company EIN

Select it a single select dropdown type

Available via the API]


The values in the drop down should be EIN Name – EIN Number. One for each EIN within your organization. As your organization grows, you can continue to add to this list and utilize the integration for those new EINs


Create a Wurk User

The Wurk development team will need admin access to your Greenhouse Recruiting for the duration of the implementation and testing period. The Wurk development team will provide you with an email address that can be used to create this user.

In order to enable the Greenhouse/Wurk integration, you will need the developer permission: Can manage ALL organization’s API Credentials. 

Configure User Setup Permissions in Greenhouse Recruiting

Contact a Greenhouse user in your organization with Site Admin level permissions with the additional user-specific permission Can edit another user's advanced permissions to apply the API credential management permission to your account. Have the user with Site Admin level permissions edit your user account's permissions by navigating to the Configure icon   > Users > Your Name)

Ensure that the new Wurk user has been given Site Admin level permissions


What's Next?

Please contact your Wurk account manager for any questions and to get started integrating.