Candidate bulk actions allow your organization to perform the same task on multiple candidates simultaneously. If a candidate bulk action was performed mistakenly or erroneously, the user who performed the candidate bulk action can abort the task before it is completed to prevent additional data from being lost. 

Note: Canceling a candidate bulk action will prevent data loss only for candidates who have not been actioned already. 

Once a candidate bulk action is initiated (or in the queue to start), expand the Action in Progress tab in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.  


From the expanded Action in Progress panel, navigate to the candidate bulk action that will be aborted and click Cancel

Note: Only candidate bulk actions with the status In Progress or In Queue can be cancelled. 


A subsequent dialog box will ask you to confirm the decision to cancel the candidate bulk action. Click Cancel Actions


The candidate bulk action is cancelled and will be visible in the Action in Progress tray for the next 24 hours.