Greenhouse Recruiting allows your organization to remove job-based permissions from multiple users at the same time. For more information on assigning job-based permissions to users in bulk, and bulk assignment rules, click here

In this article, we will cover how to:


Remove Job-Based Permissions from Users in Bulk

To remove job-based permissions in bulk, click the Configure icon Configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Users on the left-hand panel. 


Click the Bulk Actions button.


Select the users you wish to edit. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Click the checkboxes to the left of the user names, or
  • Click the Quick Select button to search for users by name or email address

If you prefer to select users from the provided list, click the checkbox to the left of each user who should be edited in your Bulk Action. When finished selecting users, click Edit Selected (#).


If you prefer to select users by searching for name or email address, click the Quick Select button instead.


In the Quick Select dialog box, type or paste the user names or email addresses you wish to edit in your Bulk Action. If any names or email addresses are entered which do not match existing users, they will be skipped. When finished entering users, click Edit Selected (#).


Once you have selected your users through one of the methods above, you will be directed to the Edit # Users dialog box. In this dialog box, click Add and Remove Job Permissions


Click Add and Remove Job Permissions in the subsequent dialog box. 


Note: Job-based permissions cannot be added to or removed from Site Admins. If you selected Site Admin users in the previous step, those users will be skipped during the bulk update and no changes will be made to their user permissions. 

To remove the selected users' permissions on individual jobs, click Edit inline with the name of the job where you wish to make the change. Choose No permissions from the dropdown. 

Repeat this step for each job where you wish to remove user permissions. When finished, click Done at the bottom of the Add and Remove Permissions dialog box. 


Alternatively, to remove the selected users' permissions on all jobs listed, click the Mark all as: dropdown and select No Permissions (this only applies to existing jobs). When finished, click Done at the bottom of the Add and Remove Permissions dialog box. 

Note: If the selected users have permissions on Future Jobs, those permissions will not be impacted by this bulk action. Changes to permissions on Future Jobs will be skipped. 


In the Edit Job Permissions (# Users) dialog box, confirm you selected the intended changes, then click Save Permissions


From the subsequent dialog box, click Save Permissions again to confirm. 



Remove Job-Based Permissions for More Than 30 Users

If you attempt to add or remove job-based user permissions for 30 or more users at a time, you will be prompted to type in the number of users you selected to edit before you can save and execute the change. 



Remove Job Based Permissions on All Future Jobs

Job-based permissions can be removed in bulk only for existing jobs. The No permissions selection is not available when editing permissions for All Future Jobs during a bulk action. 


Permissions on future jobs can be removed only from one user at a time, by following the steps outlined here