Dependent custom offer fields overview

Permissions: Site Admin, and Job Admin who can manage custom fields

Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier

Dependent custom offer fields allow your organization to create a nested structure of custom offer fields with defined relationships between parent and child fields. As your organization becomes more complex, there may be a large number of custom offer fields that do not apply to every single new hire. Irrelevant fields increase the risk of making a mistake, missing a field, or entering a field incorrectly.

The nested structure of dependent custom offer fields creates a guided path for users when creating an offer and limits the exposure of offer fields based on the criteria you define.

Parent / child dependencies

When configuring dependent custom offer fields, your organization will be defining parent/child relationships between custom offer fields. The parent / child relationship dictates when a child custom offer field will be visible in the Create an Offer dialog box and is based on the option selected in the parent custom offer field.

Custom offer fields already in a parent / child dependency can subsequently be dependent on another custom offer field in a nested parent / child dependency. Your organization can think of the nested parent/child dependency as a family tree of custom offer fields that will display in sequence the child custom offer field based on the option selected in the parent custom offer field.

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting currently supports a three-level nesting structure for dependent custom offer fields (in other words, grandparent / parent / child).


Once configured, the Custom Options > Offers page will list the dependencies for each custom offer field.

Note: The child in any dependency will always be displayed in bold.

Dependent custom offer field example

Use Case: Your organization hires employees who are either paid a salary or hourly. Currently, a Salary offer field and Hourly Pay Rate offer field are both visible in the Create an Offer dialog box. Users will need to know which field to fill-out and can potentially mistakenly fill out both fields.

Rather than having both a Salary offer field and an Hourly Pay Rate offer field visible in the Create an Offer dialog box, build a parent/child dependencies between an Employment Type field, Salary field, and Hourly Pay Rate field. By creating these dependencies, either the Salary field or Hourly Pay Rate field will appear only after the corresponding parent field (Employment Type) option is selected.


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