Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The daily interview reminder email is generated by Greenhouse Recruiting to remind your interviewers of interviews they have scheduled that day.

For information on candidate interview reminders, click here.

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Daily interviewer reminder email overview

The daily interview reminder email is a non-customizable email that will be generated the day of an interview and sent to an interviewer. The email will list the following details for the interview:

  • Candidate name
  • Interview time
  • Job the candidate is interviewing for
  • Interview location
  • Link to candidate's interview kit

Note: If an interviewer has more than one interview that day, the email will list the above details for each interview.

Enable / deactivate daily interview reminder email

Note: Only users with Job Admin level permissions on at least 1 job, or users with Site Admin level permissions can disable the Daily Interview Reminder email. Users who are only assigned Interviewer roles will always receive this email.

By default, the daily interview reminder email is enabled for all new Greenhouse Recruiting accounts.

To turn off this email notification, click Hi Your Name on your navigation bar, and select Account Settings from the dropdown.

Navigate to the Notification Preferences panel and toggle the button next to Daily interview reminder email to either On or Off.