Integrate Greenhouse Recruiting with Workday position management

The Workday position management staffing model can be integrated with Greenhouse Recruiting. This guide serves to help you decide which configuration works best for your use case.

What is a Greenhouse Recruiting job?

When integrating Greenhouse Recruiting with Workday position management, it's important to clarify exactly what a job is! On Greenhouse Recruiting, a job encompasses more than just the job details that sync from Workday.

Each job can have multiple openings and represents an entire candidate pipeline with an interview plan, scorecards, hiring team, approvals, and more. When someone is ready to hire a candidate on a job, the candidate will be hired onto a job opening. A Greenhouse Recruiting job must have one or more open openings (see Job > Job Info) in order to hire a candidate for the job. You can read more about openings here: Requisition and openings.

Can I import Workday positions and / or job requisitions into Greenhouse Recruiting?

Your team can choose to import positions only, or import job requisitions and positions from Workday. In either case, they'll be imported as jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting, each with its own job details.

All data will be represented at the job-info level, whether the data comes from the position or requisition in Workday. The decision to import positions or job requisitions will primarily impact the way job openings will be represented in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Import positions only

If you don't have job requisitions enabled in Workday and only import positions from Workday to Greenhouse Recruiting, every new Workday position will sync over to Greenhouse Recruiting as a new job with a single opening. Without job requisitions enabled, it isn't possible to map multiple Workday positions to a single Greenhouse Recruiting job because Workday doesn't provide sufficient information to determine which positions should be tied together as multiple openings on one job.

Diagram of Job Import without Workday job requisitions enabled

Import job requisitions

If you have job requisitions enabled in Workday, this will allow you to represent a many to one relationship in your Greenhouse Recruiting jobs. That is, if you frequently have multiple positions associated with one job requisition, you can import your job requisitions and positions as one Greenhouse Recruiting job with multiple openings. This will allow your team to see how many positions are associated with a job requisition in Workday through the import.


With this configuration, the Workday field values are typically mapped as follows:

Workday field

Greenhouse Recruiting field

Requisition ID

Requisition ID

Number of openings total

Number of openings

Position ID

Opening ID

Notes: To get started with enabling job requisitions, we recommend referring to the Workday community or reaching out to your Workday representative.