Custom Prospect Post Confirmation Email Template

Permissions: Job Admin, who can manage company email and social media templates

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

By default, prospects who apply through a prospect post on your job board will receive a confirmation email based on your organization's Default Candidate Auto Reply template. However, you can add a specific email template and message if you want to provide a more personalized response to candidates who apply to prospect posts.

Create a custom confirmation message for a prospect post

Navigate to the Email Templates page. (Configure Configure icon > Email Templates)

Screenshot of email templates menu

Click New in the Organization-Wide Templates section.

Screenshot of new organization wide tempate

Define the email template. See the table below for more information on specific fields.

Field Notes/Description
Template Name The name of the template that will appear in dropdown menus.
Type The type of template. For confirmation messages, choose Thank You for Applying.
Description An optional field to add additional details for the template.
From Address The email address that will be attached to the message.
CC Any users who should be CC'ed on the confirmation email
Email Subject The subject header for the email.

Navigate down to the email body section of the page and type or modify your message. You can use a few email tokens in this section to help make your email personalized to candidates. When you're finished, click Save.

Screenshot of configured template

Assign the template to a prospect post

Note: Users will need Job Admin permission levels or above and a CRM user license to configure the confirmation email settings for a prospect post.

Navigate to the Create Your Prospect Post page. (Configure Configure icon > Job Boards & Posts > choose job board)

Screenshot of choosing a job board

Click the ellipses icon next to a prospect post.

Screenshot of prospect post ellipses icon

Click Edit.

Screenshot of edit prospect post button

Click Continue until you get to the second page of the Prospect Post settings.

Screenshot of second page of prospect post settings

Scroll down to the Settings section and select your template under Send Confirmation Email to Prospects. When you're finished, click Save.

Screenshot of email template page