Custom Prospect Post Confirmation Email Template


By default, prospects who apply through a prospect post on your job board will receive a confirmation email based on your organization's Default Candidate Auto Reply template. Alternatively, your organization can create and select a custom confirmation email template to be used exclusively for prospect posts.

In this article, we will cover how to:


Create Custom Prospect Post Confirmation Email Template

Click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Email Templates on the left-hand panel.


Click + New inline with the Organization-Wide Templates header.


From the Create am Email Template page, input the following in the appropriate fields

 Field Notes/Description
 Template Name Give the template an internal name for future reference
 Type Thank You for Applying
 Description Optional field 
 From Address  -- 
 CC Select any users who should be CC'ed on the confirmation email
 Email Subject Subject heading of the email delivered to prospects


Navigate down to the email body section of the page and input the email message for the template. Click Save when finished.



Assign Custom Prospect Post Confirmation Email Template

Note: Users will need Job Admin permission levels or above and at least a CRM user license to configure the confirmation email settings for prospect post.

Once the prospect post confirmation email template is created, navigate to the Create Your Prospect Post page.

From the Settings panel. click the provided field under Send Confirmation Email to Prospects and select your custom email template from the dropdown menu.