Review responses to prospect post questions

Permissions: Job Admin and above, who can manage unattached prospects, add prospects to jobs, convert prospects to candidates, and see private tab for prospects

Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tiers

Like jobs post questions, prospect post questions allow you to ask questions on prospect posts and collect responses in a structured format. Prospect responses to these questions will be added to a prospect's profile. In this article, we will cover how to view responses to prospect post questions.

Navigate to the Candidates page and use the Application Type filter to only display Prospects


Select Job page on your website in the Source filter.

Note: Prospect post questions will only appear on prospect profiles who entered your system through a prospect post on your job board.

These search parameters can potentially exclude prospects who applied to a prospect post via a tracking link if the tracking link is attributed to a different source.


Select a prospect from the list. 


From the prospect's profile, click the Jobs tab and find the Prospect Details section. You can expand this section to view their responses.


Tip: Want to filter prospects by their response to the question? You'll need to link the question to a custom field, then your prospects' answers will be searchable and reportable.