Configuring a notification list allows your organization to automate internal communication to select team members when a candidate transitions into a specific stage. Once configured, any user added to the stage transition notification list receives an email notification whenever a candidate transitions into the configured stage for a job.

Note: A notification email is sent whether a candidate is advanced or returned to the stage. 

In this article, we will cover the following for a single job:


To start, click All Jobs from the navigation bar and select a job from the subsequent list.


Click Job Setup and navigate to Notifications on the left-hand panel.


From the Notifications page, navigate to the Other Notifications section and click Add Notification inline with Stage Transitions.


Note: The text of the email notification for candidate stage transitions cannot be edited.


Create new notification list for a stage transition

To add users to the notification list for candidate stage transitions, click the Stage dropdown to select the stage that will trigger the notification email. Next, click the Users dropdown to select the appropriate user(s) to notify. You can select a user by name, or you can select the Hiring Manager(s) listed on the job's Hiring Team, the Candidate's Recruiter, and/or the Candidate's Coordinator.

Note: Only users who have appropriate permissions on the job will populate in the dropdown menu. 

Repeat as necessary for other users who should be notified when a candidate is moved into the selected stage. Click Save when finished.  


All selected users will receive an email for every candidate who is moved into the selected stage.

Repeat this process, beginning with clicking Add Notification, to configure stage transitions notifications for additional stages in the job's interview plan.


Edit notification list for a stage transition

To edit the users who are notified when a candidate is transitioned into a given stage, click the Edit iconedit_2.png inline with the appropriate stage notification.


In the subsequent dialog box, edit the users to be notified in the Users dropdown menu.

Click Save when finished.



Delete notification for a stage transition

To delete a stage transition notification entirely, click the Delete icon Delete.png inline with the stage notification.


Click Delete in the subsequent dialog box to confirm the action. Moving forward, no users will be notified when candidates are transitioned into this stage.