Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers

Configuring a stage transition notification allows your organization to automate internal communication to select team members when a candidate transitions into a specific stage.

Note: An email notification is sent when a candidate advances to or returns from a stage.

In this article, we explain how to:

Edit stage transition notifications by user

To start, click the Configure icon Configured_Icon.png in the upper right-hand corner. From the Configure page, click Notifications.


Next to Set notification by, select User.


Find the user whose stage transition notifications you want to change. Click Edit next to their job notifications.


Select a job from the dropdown menu.


In the Stage Transitions column, click the checkbox next to the stage to enable or deactivate the notification. Then, click Save.


Create stage transition notifications by job

To start, click All Jobs in the navigation bar, then click on a job in the Jobs table.


Click Job Setup. Then, click Notifications.


From the Notifications page, go to the Other Notifications section. Next to Stage Transitions, click Add Notification.


Note: The text of the stage transition email notification cannot be edited.

In the Add Notification window, select a stage from the Stage dropdown. Then, add users from the Users dropdown. You can select a user by name, or you can select the Hiring Manager(s) listed on the job's Hiring Team, the Candidate's Recruiter, and/or the Candidate's Coordinator.

Note: Only users who have appropriate permissions on the job will populate in the dropdown menu.



Edit stage transition notifications by job

To edit the users who are notified when a candidate is transitioned into a given stage, click the Edit icon edit_2.png.


In the Edit Notification window, add users from the Users dropdown or remove users by clicking the Remove icon x-icon.png next to their name.

Click Save when finished.


Delete stage transition notifications by job

To delete a stage transition notification, click the Delete icon Delete.png .7.png

Then, click Delete in the Delete Notification window.